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This is a very sad story about the death of a man named Stanley.


The Apartment Ending is the ending that occurs when you answer the phone after taking the cargo lift across the Warehouse.

This ending is in the original mod, HD remake, and Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the right. Proceed through the Employee Lounge and walk past the open door on the left. Enter the Shipping and Receiving Room and take the cargo lift across. Enter the Phone Room and answer the phone.

The Ending

Stanley's apartment transforming into his office

After answering the phone, Stanley is transported to an apartment building, standing outside his apartment. Stanley's wife can be heard, who says she will be there in a minute. As she opens the door, her voice slows down and she is revealed to be a fake mannequin with a speaker built into her.

Stanley walks into the apartment, and the Narrator begins to tell the Story of The Death of A Man Named Stanley. As Stanley presses the buttons on-screen, the Narrator expresses his contempt on Stanley and the fact that The Stanley Parable is merely an imagination of Stanley's. The apartment changes around him with every button pressed until it becomes Stanley's Office. The Narrator keeps trying to get Stanley to stop pushing buttons, but eventually a prompt appears telling Stanley to "please die" and the game then resets.

With The Bucket

If Stanley is holding The Bucket, instead of the Narrator talking about listening for his wife, The Bucket instructs him to go to the room with the phone. Once there, The Bucket asks Stanley to pick it up so they can "go back home". Picking up the phone, the screen fades to white.

Stanley is taken to a different apartment, and The Narrator tells the Sad Story of A Man Named Stanley and his Bucket. The Narrator expresses his concern with Stanley's over-attachment to The Bucket. Stanley grabs The Bucket and begins pushing the keys it tells him to, teleporting between his apartment and the office, each time having to locate The Bucket again.

The Narrator laments that Stanley now wants to take orders from The Bucket and not him. As he complains, he begins to see the positives of The Bucket, beginning to become attached to it himself. He then demands Stanley give him The Bucket, and it tells Stanley to close his eyes and "get back to work" and the game resets.

The Original Mod

This ending is simliar in the original Half-Life 2 mod, but the path to get this ending is different, similar to the path to the Zending as it involves going through the red door.


  • Attempting to go further from the door to Stanley's Apartment is futile, as The Narrator will immediately block you with a brick wall, saying that Stanley is in his story now.
    • Although that barricade is removable by using the !picker, it's still not possible to go through anyway because of the invisible wall.

      The Stanley Parable - Phone Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games PC - No Commentary Gameplay

  • Elements of his house disappear when the on-screen prompts tells you to use them.
    • The mannequin of Stanley's Wife disappears when you presses the button "to tell your wife you love her".
    • The television becomes a clock when you press the button "to watch tv".


The initial photo on the wall.

The original boss's office.

  • When you first go into the apartment, the picture on the wall is actually the boss's office from the original Half-Life 2 mod.
    • Interestingly, one of the buttons you have to push is 8.
  • Stanley's apartment number is 427, the same as his employee number.



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