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For those in the Raphael Parable, see Awaiting Input (The Raphael Parable).

An awaiting input computer.

Awaiting Input computers are special computers in The Stanley Parable, and are essential to obtaining the Heaven Ending. Below is a list of which computers they are, the location of the computers, and how many pink bars there are once you make an input to those computers.

This is a list of all the awaiting input computers you need to activate to get the Heaven Ending, in order:

Computer owner Location Directions Pink bars (before activation)
Employee 419 The Office
  1. Go to 419 and click on the computer.
0 pink bars
Employee 423 The Office
  1. Go to 423 and click on the computer.
1 pink bar
The Boss's Secretary Boss's Office
  1. Go to the Two Doors Room.
  2. Enter the door on the left.
  3. Go up the staircase.
  4. Click on the PC before entering the Boss's Office.
2 pink bars
Employee 434 The Office
  1. Go to 434, around the first part of the office, and click on the computer.
3 pink bars
Stanley (Employee 427) Stanley's room
  1. Click on Stanley's computer.
4 pink bars

After activating each computer in order, Stanley's computer will display 5 pink bars and the beep will play 5 times. After the beeps are over, you will be teleported to Heaven.


  • If you restart the game without activating a computer, that computer will still say awaiting input after the restart until you activate it.




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