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SkidSpooky SkidSpooky 7 May

the reassurance bucket

i love the reassurance bucket so much, it gives me life. it gives me soul. it makes my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. it is the reason i am still living to this day.

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SneakySasquatchRocks SneakySasquatchRocks 27 March 2021

Stanley Parable Fun Blog 1

Today, we will be talking about the most hilarious ending, the Not Stanley Ending.

Its so funny because the derotation makes me laugh so hard! It is so funny when the right door is derotated! It is also funny when the Meeting Room is papers scattered around, and the presentation looks funny!

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SneakySasquatchRocks SneakySasquatchRocks 9 March 2021

The Stanley Parable Fun Blogs are comming soon!

These blogs will be about reviews and opinions of The Stanley Parable and its elements! Comming soon!

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Bob but with fez Bob but with fez 25 September 2020

The true way to get to escape pod

the escape pod ending is an ending what we did find but in wrong way then we enther boss's office then narrator start talk we can fast leve room then narrator stop talking then if we go to same start we will find one of rooms is open then we will walk in we will get to stair case(in game code red staircase) if you walk on the top you will find escape pod but then we walk to it game will restart but down of the screen wil get bug and in deveroper consol we will find errors and the autors of stanley parable told us we have one more is option that ending what we find is one of two ending with that escape pod before escape pod we will find worrning sighn but bottom of it is blocked if we find that texture in files we will see the…

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Lukasb4001 Lukasb4001 16 April 2020

This is the story about a game designer called Galactic Cafe.

Galactic Cafe worked in a big building where he was Game Designer #427.

Game Designer #427's job was simple. He sat at his desk in room #427 and he made game's on a computer.

Orders came through a monitor on his desk telling him what lines to code, how detailed the models should look like and how to make the player a jerk.

This is what Game Designer #427 did every day of every month of every year.

And although others might have considered it time-consuming, everyone loved the game he made, he got lots of rewards, and Galactic Cafe was happy.

But then one day, something very peculiar happened. He sat at his desk for nearly an hour when he realised that not one single order had arrived from his computer. No one had showed up to do a gameplay vide…

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ReefChong ReefChong 2 March 2020



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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 13 October 2019

Wtf happened to Ultra Deluxe?

It's already October 2019. The Stanley Parable developers said that The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe will come out this year. How is it not out even today? Are they like delaying it to December 2019? Because THAT would be 100% pathetic.

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TandemYeti TandemYeti 2 May 2019

Extra Diologue by using Portals!

I found some extra dialogue by trying to survive the Explosion Ending by using portals, and I have found no mention of it online. First you use the console to summon portals and then place the first one in the Escape corridor. Place the second in the Mnd Control room. Then start the Explosion ending timer and go through the second portal into the Escape corridor. Run to the end of the corridor and you will see that there is a wall blocking you off. The narrator then proceeds to say "Nope, Still on board with death"

The game is extremely clever and always is full of surprises. It will forever be my favourite video game.

P.S to learn how to use Portals watch this video from 57:31 -

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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 24 April 2019

The Stanley Parable ending map (original mod)

This is the flowchart for all endings in the original Half-Life 2 mod.

Normal text indicates a point of divergence; bold text indicates an ending; highlighted green text indicates the Freedom Ending.

Note that this starts directly in the Two Doors Room, since there are no secrets or endings hidden in this office.

  • Go through left door.
    • Go upstairs to access boss's office. In the mind control facility:
      • Turn "Disable Generator" valve for Freedom Ending.
      • Turn "Engage Generator" valve for Countdown Ending.
    • Go downstairs for Mariella Ending.
  • Go through right door.
    • Go up the elevator for an ending similar to the Museum Ending.
    • Go down the elevator for the Colored Doors Room.
      • Go through the red door for an ending similar to the Apartment Ending.
      • Go through the …
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Worra Mait Kosit Worra Mait Kosit 20 April 2019

This link should allows me to access The Stanley Parable easier


Link to buy the game in case I want to give a gift

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Worra Mait Kosit Worra Mait Kosit 19 April 2019

Just bought the game today


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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 17 April 2019

The Stanley Parable age rating imho

I was wondering what the ESRB for The Stanley Parable was. I looked up the game on ESRB website but no luck. So I've decided to think about it myself.

I say it should be T (13+):

  • Mild language: the Narrator says "damn" and "hell" a few times, and during the Games Ending he says "heartless bastard"
    • Also the Narrator references hookers during the Broom Closet Ending and says "Pervert" during the demo after choosing a button in the personality room.
  • Mild drugs: During the Broom Closet Ending, the Narrator references drugs and drug money.
  • Mild violence: During the Zending, the screen gets redder as you keep falling. Also the Explosion Ending is a little violent when the facility explodes.
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Worra Mait Kosit Worra Mait Kosit 14 April 2019

I don't have a copy of any of Davey Wreden's game.

All of the sources for my editing here are from Youtube (Youtube recommendations introduced me to this game anyway) and other places avalible.

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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 27 December 2018

About my hiatus.

Hi everyone

You may have noticed I was off for an even longer time. That's because I was too busy with my new stuff I got as Christmas presents. Sorry but it happens often around Christmas.

I will remember to be active here as much as I can be. If you have any questions, leave them here.


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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 19 December 2018

I'm back!

I've just finished all my mid term exams, finally! I am back on this wiki now. Merry Christmas y'all.

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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 12 December 2018

Temporary inactivity.

Hello Stanley Parable fans

I won't be active here very much until like around Christmas. Why? Because I still am too busy with studying for my exams coming up soon. That doesn't mean you can demote me from admin. I will for sure be back. I just have a hiatus because I really need to study for my exams.

Again though, I am not the only admin. Other admins, like Withersoul will still administer the wiki, like all times when I am off.

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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 23 November 2018


Hi y'all.

This is a blog made about that I now have administrative privileges on this wiki. In case any of my co-workers (other admins) are off, I will also patrol this wiki, though I will do it almost every day.

Note to the bureaucrats on this wiki: If you feel like I should become a bureaucrat, feel free to leave a message on my wall asking me if I want to become one. I probably won't need it though, since just being an admin is enough.

Anyways, thank you for reading this blog. Cya.

- Jody

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Jody Bartosiewicz Jody Bartosiewicz 19 November 2018

The Stanley Parable ending map.

This is simply a flowchart that I made of all the endings in the stanley parable.

Bold text indicates an ending, highlighted text indicates the freedom ending, rainbow text indicates a requirement for heaven (cycles through red, yellow, green, blue, purple depending on restart), italic text indicates an achievement, underlined text means you can do it anytime in the game, and in plain white text means you also can do it even if you aren't playing.

Start in room 427 then:

  • Enable developer console and type in sv_cheats 1.
  • Press space several times.
  • Enable achievements in settings.
  • Close the door for coward ending.
  • Activate input on your computer.
    • You will be teleported to heaven ending.
  • Leave your room.
    • If the office is bluish, go through 426 for white…
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TheSpeedyBrainiac TheSpeedyBrainiac 22 July 2018

Speedy's Status 1

Hello! I'm Speedy, since there are no known blogs on this wikia I thought why not add to that number. I will be posting theories, thoughts and really just whatever comes to mind. Of course, not alot of people will see this but it was fun writing anyway.

So, today I come across a message written on Withersoul 235's account asking about a hole in the heaven ending. To be honest, I once tried putting facepunch in the console and happened to come across this question as well. "What does the hole lead to?", to quote one user they said the following. 

"A FANDOM user the curious hole leads to a nightime version of the office and the music then stops playing"

I, not knowing any cheats except for "sv_cheats 1" cannot confirm this, but …

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