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The Broom Closet is a room in the Office. It can be found on the left by following the narration, however,

The Broom Closet?

Broom Closet.jpg

it is not mentioned unless Stanley steps inside. If Stanley decides to step inside, the Narrator tells him to leave several times. If Stanley does not leave the broom closet, the Narrator will start calling him names and alludes in the fourth wall to a 'Broom Closet Ending', though no such ending exists. The Narrator eventually calls Stanley "fat, ugly, and really, really stupid" and states that it is possible that Stanley got his job by family connection or drug money.

Closed Broom Closet.jpg

Eventually, the narrator assumes the person playing The Stanley Parable has died at their keyboard and instructs anyone nearby to take his/her place. If Stanley leaves and re-enters the Broom Closet, the Narrator exclaims that the second player is as stupid as the first. Revisiting the closet will annoy the Narrator into saying he is done, and eventually, when the player begins the game again, the Broom Closet is boarded up.


The Narrator will repeatedly tell Stanley that there is no "Broom Closet Ending", and while he grows increasingly frustrated, he will mock Stanley by saying "OH, DID U GET THE BROOM CLOSET ENDING? THEB ROOM CLOSET ENDING WAS MY FAVRITE!1 XD" Despite this and many rumors online, there is no way to end the game from the Broom Closet, and the Broom Closet Ending does not exist.


  • On one of the whiteboards in the Meeting Room, one can see an objective saying "Get Chris out of the Broom closet". This is probably a reference to Stanley staying in the broom closet. It may also hint that Chris has suffered a similar parable-fate as Stanley, and the Narrator possibly wrote this on the whiteboard.
  • If the player leaves the broom closet open and then performs the Escape Pod Ending, the broom closet will be noticeably much darker, especially the floor.