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'OH, DID U GET THE BROOM CLOSET ENDING? THEB ROOM CLOSET ENDING WAS MY FAVRITE!1 XD' ... I hope your friends find this concerning.

–The Narrator

The Broom Closet Ending is an event that occurs if the player stays in the Broom Closet long enough. During the Broom Closet Ending, The Narrator gets frustrated and delivers a sequence of mock commentary. In spite of its name, it is technically not an ending, as the player is free to continue the game at any point during its occurrence.

This ending is in the HD remake and Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining the Ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the left. After the leaving the Meeting Room, open and enter the Broom Closet.

The Ending

The Narrator will state that Stanley entered the Broom Closet, but because there is nothing inside it he left. If Stanley remains inside, The Narrator will again remind him that there is nothing to do and no reason to still be inside it. The Narrator will finally stop narrating and outright question why Stanley is still in the closet for seemingly no reason. He will get frustrated, making fun of Stanley.

Eventually, The Narrator comes to the conclusion that the player (not Stanley) is dead, which would explain why they would be standing in the closet rather than exploring the office as intended. He calls out to any nearby people to remove the player's dead body from the computer and suggest a second player take their place. He will then wait silently until the Broom Closet is exited.

When Stanley leaves the Broom Closet, The Narrator welcomes the supposed second player, and comments that they could not play as badly as the player that came before them. If Stanley reenters the Broom Closet, the Narrator will comment "You too?" and become exasperated at humanity's apparent stupidity. He suggests another, non-human player take control instead. He will remain silent until the player enters the staircase, in which the game will continue like normal.

Closed Broom Closet.jpg

If Stanley goes back in the Broom Closet after the game resets, the Narrator will get even more frustrated and give up completely, remaining silent no matter how long the player stays in the closet.

After the game resets a third time, the Broom Closet will be boarded up, preventing access.

With The Bucket

If Stanley is holding The Bucket, The Narrator proceeds with a long monologue in which he describes the Broom Closet making upsetting comments directed at Stanley and attempting to convince him to leave behind his Bucket - as it would be better suited to a Broom Closet.

Eventually this devolves into personal attacks towards the nature of Stanley's friendship with the bucket- accusing him of being able to imprint upon any object in his path and not being a real friend. Over the course of this dialogue, the narrator puts stickers onto Stanley's bucket marking it as his- so that the Broom Closet may not take it. First a Sticker saying "Property of Stanley" and another with a picture of a bucket. The Broom Closet eventually gives Stanley the 'silent treatment', and the Narrator encourages Stanley to move on.

If Stanley reenters the room after a restart, The Narrator will lament having no more stickers left to give.


  • The stickers placed onto the bucket while inside of the Broom Closet will persist even through restarts of the game.
  • While the Narrator makes many claims about what the Broom Closet is saying to Stanley, the Broom Closet at no point makes an audible sound throughout the entire exchange.


  • This is the only ending where the player has to wait in a room.
  • This is more of a gag than an ending, since the player is still able to move on with the story.
  • This is the only ending where the Narrator barricades a room, and everything else is still normal.
  • The Narrator's assumption of what the player would say to their friends about the ending means that he's aware of misspellings that are seen around social media from multiple people, even including the "XD" laughing emote, even though he doesn't imitate any laughter.
    • The emote is preserved in different languages, even using similar emotes for different alphabets, such as "\(≧▽≦)ノ" in Japanese.
  • During the second time, when the Narrator says "Please, take your time.", the Narrator says nothing else until the player exits the Broom Closet.
  • In The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, the Narrator refers to the player as "they" instead of "he or she" while describing how the player has died. The misspellings and the emote have also been removed from his subtitles.
  • During this ending, the Narrator makes a point that "If [he] had said: 'Stanley walked past the Broom Closet,' at least [Stanley] would have had a reason for exploring it to find out". This point is consistent at the intersection between the Mind Control room and the Escape path/Museum ending, where the Narrator says "Stanley walked straight ahead through the large door that read 'Mind Control Facility'," indicating that there is something to explore in the Escape path.



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