Broom Closet Ending
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What is it that you like about this broom closet, Stanley?
Ending Information
Location In the Broom Closet
Door Choice Left Door
Narration Broom Closet Ending/Narration
'OH, DID U GET THE BROOM CLOSET ENDING? THEB ROOM CLOSET ENDING WAS MY FAVRITE!1 XD' ... I hope your friends find this concerning.


The Broom Closet ending is what occurs if the player stays in the Broom Closet long enough, then the Narrator will get frustrated.

Obtaining the Ending

Follow the normal route from the start of the game, enter the left door, and then enter the Broom Closet. If the player stays in long enough, the Narrator brings up some comments.

The Ending

Inside the Broom Closet, if the player stays inside long enough, the Narrator will get frustrated and make fun of Stanley. He also considers that the player is dead.

When the Narrator welcomes "player 2", if the player goes back in the Broom Closet, the Narrator will say "You too?! Unbelieveable, I'm at the mercy of invalids." and get frustrated.

When the game restarts, if the player goes back in the Broom Closet, the Narrator will say "Oh nononoononononononononono, not again!" and get frustrated.

If the player attempts to enter the Broom Closet a third time, the Broom Closet is barricaded, blocking the player from entering the room again.


  • This is the only ending where the player has to wait in a room.
  • This is more of a gag than an ending, since the player is still able to move on with the story.
  • This is the only ending where the Narrator barricades a room, and everything else is still normal.
  • During the second time, when the Narrator says "Please, take your time", the Narrator says nothing else until the player exits the Broom Closet.




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