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The Bucket Destroyer Ending is an ending in The Stanley Parable 2. It is the result of attempting to get the Confusion Ending with the Bucket.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's office then pick up the Bucket in the next room. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the right. Continue through the Employee Lounge, then enter the door on the left as designated by the Narrator. Proceed to the elevator on the left instead of walking forward, and press the button within the freight elevator.

The Ending

When the elevator goes down, the Narrator says that he is glad that you found your way there, when the elevator reaches the bottom you are greeted with a room with several jokes from the first game such as The Adventure Line™ and the Broom Closet, and then the narrator says that they are concerned about Stanley's obsession with the bucket and that they care about him, and says the bucket is only sequel content and that they matter as they are classic characters from The Stanley Parable and that fans would want to see them make returns in the sequel.

The narrator has Stanley go on a new adventure with the Line™ and eventually it leads him to the Bucket Destroyer, where the narrator tells Stanley that he needs to get rid of the bucket and goes on about the fact that the Bucket Destroyer has way more personality than the bucket and says that it feels like it is part of the original cast.

The gates to the Bucket Destroyer open, although Stanley refuses to give away the bucket and the Player cannot make him give the bucket either. and eventually the machine will explode from only knowing to destroy buckets, and after it explodes you are greeted with a white room with the Bucket Destroyer floating through it while the narrator talks about the potential it had.



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