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Bumpscosity is a setting that gets added to the settings menu after getting the Settings World Champion achievement and going to the Settings World Champion room at the Stanley Parable 2 Expo. Notably, the bumpscosity slider only has 7 states: 0, 1, 12, 50, 76, 100, and 1000, and the Narrator never goes into detail about what the term actually means, even after the trip to the Expo.

The narrator will occasionally comment on the current bumpscosity level when starting a new game.

0: "Dear me, where did all of the bumpscosity go? Quite unnerving in here with with all of it gone."

1: "Well I'm quite feeling the lack of bumpscosity in here. Only a single bumpscosit. Still, it will have to do."

12: "Just a light breeze of bumpscosity in here at the moment, not bad. I personally enjoy a bit more bumpscosity, but at this amount it's absolutely reasonable."

50: "Ah, quite a pleasant amount of bumpscosity we've got today, wouldn't you say? Very enjoyable."

76: "Well, the bumpscosity in here is really getting up there, isn't it? No matter, the story must carry on no matter how much or how little bumpscosity there is."

100: "Who turned up the bumpscosity so high? I like bumpscosity as much as the next person, but a hundred is quite a lot, wouldn't you say?"

1000: "My god the bumpscosity in here is absolutely overwhelming. A thousand?! You people have got to be nuts! How can you stand this much bumpscosity?"