This page lists all known characters in The Stanley Parable.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

These characters only feature in one ending.

Mentioned Characters

These characters do not physically appear in the game, but are mentioned or referenced:

  • The Boss - The director of Stanley's workplace.
  • Co-Workers - So far only three co-workers have been mentioned:
  • Employee 432 - One of Stanley's co-workers.
  • Chris - One of Stanley's co-workers. Seems to have a tendency to get trapped in the Broom Closet.
  • Jim-someone mentioned on a whiteboard who may have some relation with 432
  • Raphael - A real person who criticized the game in the Raphael Trailer.


Characters who aren't mentioned, referenced, or seen, but still exist in more then one ending.

  • Employees 028/528 - Characters with mysterious monitors, Possibly fired, Possibly related to each other.
  • Employee 234 - A co-worker with a glitched out monitor.

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