Circular Two Doors Room

The Circular Two Doors Room

Drawer Room

Alternate view

The Circular Two Doors Room (also known as the Drawer Room) is a room that is based on the Two Doors Room, but the walls are circular, the doors are surrounded by file cabinets, and the walls have a different color. This room is one of the last rooms to occur in the Confusion Ending.

Obtaining the Room

This room is special, unlike other rooms. When you find this room in the Confusion Ending, you must obey the Narrator by going through the right door, because he only opens that door.


The room consists of a big, circular light, two bright gray doors, gray file cabinets surrounding the doors, and a few white papers on the floor. When the Narrator tells you to walk in circles, a 'doodung' sound will occur and a red, circular loop symbol will appear on the floor.


The left door is locked, and the Narrator does not open it. The right door is the only door which is accessible, and reveals the Confusion Ending and the schedule.


  • This is the only circular room with doors.