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Click On Door 430 Five Times
Achievement Information
Location The starting point of The Office
Narrator reacts Yes
Objective Click on door 430 5 times, then follow the Narrator's further directions.

Click On Door 430 Five Times is one of the 10 achievements in The Stanley Parable.

The achievement

This achievement is much more complex than it sounds. If you try to click on door 430 5 times for the first time, the Narrator will block you from getting the achievement since he says it can just be earned from a measly five clicks. You are then encouraged to do click it 20 times then 50. However, the Narrator doesn't feel what a true achievement would have, and encourages you to do these things in order:

  1. Go to door 417 and click it 20 times.
  2. Go to door 437 and click it 3 times.
  3. Go to door 415 and click it 10 times.
  4. Back to door 437.
  5. Click the copy machine.
  6. Back to door 417.
  7. Climb on 419's desk.

The Narrator then becomes very excited because he really feels it, and tells you to:

  1. Click on door 416.
  2. Back to the copy machine.
  3. Click on door 430 five times to end the achievement by its name.

At the end, the Narrator gets super happy and you earn the achievement.


  • If you go in the Two Doors Room before getting the achievement, the Narrator will function as usual and you won't be able to get the achievement unless you restart the game.
  • This achievement is still obtainable without restarting your save in Ultra Deluxe after starting the New Content, as door number 416 is inside the New Content door.