Colored Door Room
Colored Door Room
Let's try this again.
Location Information
Accessible via: Jumping off the cargo lift in the Warehouse
Leads to: Games Ending, Zending, Art Ending
Place of ending(s): 0
Points of Divergence 1
Gallery Endings Access

The Color Room is a brick room found after Stanley jumps from the cargo lift in the Warehouse onto the catwalk and walks along it through the door on the other side. It is a small, brick room with a few industrial features and windows.


No endings occur directly in this room. This is the point of divergence for the Zending and the path to the Games Ending or the Art Ending. To get Games or Art Ending, you must enter the blue door three times, much to the Narrator's chagrin, while you only need to enter the red door once for the Zending.