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This page lists the various console commands that apply directly to The Stanley Parable. There are many more commands (applicable to the Source engine but not to '"The Stanley Parable), but the below are the most interesting and functional of them.

Enabling the Console


  1. Open up your Steam library.
  2. Right click The Stanley Parable and click Properties.
  3. Select Launch Options. In the text box that appears, type -console (or -dev console)
  4. Launch the game as normal.

Epic Games and other

  1. Open up the config.cfg with a text editor, then search for "toggleconsole" and replacing it with a key (in case tilde (~) doesn't work).
  2. Save, then go in-game and enable the console from the Options. Otherwise, search for "con_enable" and set it to 1 and then save.

Disabling The Console & Commands

  • Disabling the console
    1. Open up your Steam library.
    2. Right click The Stanley Parable and click Properties.
    3. Select Launch Options. And in the text box which contains the command for enabling the console, delete that and make the text box empty.
  • Disabling ALL commands
    1. Go into the console and type unbindall. This can be reversed by typing "exec config".


A divided list of known commands includes:


  • hideous - Opens up a random page of the Team Fortress 2 Wiki.
  • bark - Whenever Stanley uses the action button (E or primary click,) you will hear a barking sound instead of the normal key-pushing sound.
  • raphael - In place of all dialog, the Narrator simply says "Stanley." "Stanley" is also printed in the console whenever dialogue would normally be spoken.
  • sv_cheats 1 - Normally enables server cheats, but instead, teleports Stanley to the Serious Room and Serious Ending. In the demo the console prints "Why????", but doesn't take the player to the Serious Room. Staying in the Serious Room and repeatedly entering the command will eventually cause the narrator to "go shopping for another table." Entering the command again will reload the Serious Room, however no dialogue will play.
    • It is possible to activate sv_cheats if you have the demo installed. In Steam, right-click on The Stanley Parable Demo, click 'Properties...' and then click 'Local Files'. Click 'Browse' and then navigate to 'thestanleyparabledemo' and then 'bin'. Copy the 'server.dll' file to your clipboard. Use the same method to browse local files in the final game, and navigate to 'thestanleyparable' and then 'bin'. Find 'server.dll', and rename it to 'server-backup.dll'. Then, copy in the server.dll from the demo. Upon launching the game, typing 'sv_cheats 1' will cause the console to print "Why????" and activate cheats, like in the demo.
      • This method makes a few cheats, such as bark and raphael, nonfunctional. It also cause some unusual issues, such as the opening cutscene playing on every restart and the dialogue in Stanley's Boss's office never playing, resulting in a softlock. The only way to fix these issues is to delete the copy pasted file and rename 'server-backup.dll' back to 'server.dll', which also removes access to sv_cheats.
  • imabird - Float gently into the air, as in the Mariella Ending. This does not allow Stanley to overcome any obstacle, door or window that would normally block Stanley's progress on the ground; it just raises your point of view.
  • incrementvar mat_matoverride 0 1 1 - Replaces all world textures with the Facepunch logo printed on top of them.
  • impulse 100 - Enables/Disables a flashlight.
  • noclip - Toggles clipping On/Off - WARNING: This can cause a crash! Be careful of what you fly through!
  • thirdperson - Changes the view to third person
  • firstperson - Sets the view back to first person mode.
  • secret - Plays a special song when the credits roll in the Freedom Ending or when you select the Credits option from the Main Menu.
  • kill - Kills yourself, and restarts.


  • map [map name] - Teleports you to a map. For Example: map map1
  • map babygame - Teleports the player to the Baby Game, as seen in the Games Ending.
  • map blockbase - Teleports the player to the Minecraft demo, as seen in the Games Ending.
  • map buttonworld - Teleports the player to the Heaven Ending.
  • map freedom - Teleports the player to the scene just after the Mind Control Facility is turned off, in the Freedom Ending.
  • map incorrect - Teleports the player to the deteriorated map, as seen in the Not Stanley Ending after unplugging the phone.
  • map map - Teleports the player to the last sub-ending of the Confusion Ending (the one with the circular two doors room and the Confusion Ending Schedule).
  • map map1 - Restarts the game.
  • map map2 - Teleports the player to the Mind Control Facility (as if they had taken the elevator in The Boss's Office.)
  • map map_death - Teleports the player to the Museum Ending.
  • map map_one - Teleports the player to the first loop of the Confusion Ending (in Stanley's office, after the Narrator restarted the game in the Monitor Room.)
  • map map_two - Teleports the player to the room below the Maintenance Room, the beginning of the Confusion Ending.
  • map redstair - Teleports the player to the Escape Pod Ending staircase.
  • map seriousroom - Teleports the player to the Serious Room and repeats the narration from the last time you went there. If you didn't input sv_cheats at all, it proceeds like normal.
  • map testchmb_a_00 - Teleports the player to the Portal demo, as seen in the Games Ending.
  • map thefirstmap - Teleports the player to the second loop of the Confusion Ending (the one with no doors).
  • map theonlymap - Teleports the player to the third loop of the Confusion Ending (the one with The Stanley Parable Adventure Line.
  • map zending - Teleports the player to the Zending.

Creating/spawning stuff

  • ent_create_(parameters)
    • portal_companion_cube - Creates a Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube, which can be picked up and dropped. Because it still has programming from Portal 2, the instructor hint mentioning you can pick it up appears, but its localization tag is missing in The Stanley Parable.
    • portal_weighted_cube - Creates a Weighted Storage Cube, the most common cube in Portal 2. It also has programming for instructor hints (albeit no localization made for it). This cube is actually used in the Games Ending, the only time a cube is used in The Stanley Parable.
    • portal_weighted_antique - Creates a 20th century-era Weighted Storage Cube, also from Portal 2.
    • portal_weighted_sphere - Creates an Edgeless Safety Cube.
    • portal_reflector_cube - Creates a Discouragement Redirection Cube.

"Abilities" / Regular Keybindings

  • Bind 3 "Create_Flashlight" - Creates a permanent beam of light at the current cursor position, which remains after changing position.
  • bind F "impuse 100" - makes F toggle a flashlight on and off. sv_cheats 1 is required in Portal 2-based Source games, The Stanley Parable being one of them.
  • bind 5 "ent_fire !picker unlock; ent_fire !picker open" - Point at any door with a handle, and press 5 to open it; even random environmental doors and doors closed by the narrator. Beware as this cheat may cause an unintended game crash.
  • bind 6 "ent_fire !picker unlock; ent_fire !picker close" - Same thing as above, but with 6; closes any open door.
  • bind 4 "fire_rocket_projectile" - Press 4 to fire a rocket, though the lack of a required model results in the ERROR logo showing. The rocket uses the same model as that in Portal 1. Stanley can actually get killed from this, and will force the game to the beginning of the map you are currently on. This is inherited from the Source Engine itself, on which the game is based.
  • bind 2 "ent_create prop_exploding_futbol" - Press 2 to spawn a Aperture Science Bomb at the crosshair's location. This can also kill Stanley, but instead explodes on contact with the floor.
  • ent_teleport player - Teleports the player to wherever they're looking within the map. You can get stuck doing this; use at your own discretion. It can be used for reaching areas that you'd otherwise need to jump to.
  • bind "r" "ent_remove" - You can delete doors and some other stuff (note that game can crash in the worst-case scenario).
  • bind "mwheelup" "cl_fov 10" - Mouse up to zoom in. The number can be anything between 89 and 1, but a good zoom is 30. 10 is a cloze zoom.
  • bind "mwheeldown" "cl_fov 90" - Mousewheel down to zoom back out.
  • bind MWHEELUP "cl_fov 40"; bind MWHEELDOWN "cl_fov 90" - A combination of the two above commands.

ent_fire commands

  • ent_fire narrator kill - Mutes the Narrator. If you want to make yourself the Narrator, use "ent_fire !self addoutput "targetname narrator"". The parameters after addoutput must be wrapped in quotes.
  • ent_fire zaxis_stormy togglesound - Makes it rain outside (SFX only).
  • ent_fire zaxis_paperpocalypse turnon - Summons the papers in the Office.
  • ent_fire zaxis_boxvillie turnon - Summons the boxes in the Office.

Replacing turnon with turnoff in any of the two above commands will revert their effects.

  • ent_fire bigcounter9 add 2000 - Warps Stanley to the Art Ending without having to complete the Baby Game.
  • ent_fire beginagain add [number] - Changes the amount of times the game thinks you have restarted. This can alter the Narrator's dialogue or more rarely, the Office layout.
  • ent_fire babytrainofdeath stop - Stops the baby from going into the fire. This is useful if you want to avoid pushing any buttons at all for the Art Ending.

Baby Game ent_fire commands

  • ent_fire bigcounter1 add 45 - gives the first baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter2 add 45 - gives the second baby game narration
  • ent_fire bigcounter3 add 45 - gives the third baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter4 add 45 - gives the fourth baby game narration and activates the puppy.
  • ent_fire bigcounter5 add 45 - gives the fifth baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter6 add 45 - gives the sixth baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter7 add 45 - gives the seventh baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter8 add 45 - gives the eighth baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter9 add 45 - gives the final baby game narration.
  • ent_fire bigcounter9 add 2000 - starts the Divine Art Ending.


  • _888 - Get the 8888888888888888 achievement.
  • _beat - Get the Beat the game achievement.
  • _430 - Get the Click on door 430 five times achievement.
  • _430_disable - Console will say "heck no!".
  • _u - Console will say "Hey don't you even try", because this is supposed to give you the Unachievable achievement.

Commands Outside Of The Console

  • These do not require console input:

Just type regularly on the keyboard, not in the console!

    • facepunch - Changes all texture to the Facepunch logo. (Type while in-game)
    • secret - Different Credits music. (Type while on the Main Menu, then proceed to the Credits)
    • vinh - Extra Secret Credits Scene. (Type while the credits are on screen)


  • tsp_crash - Instantly crashes the game.
  • cl_fov [number] - Changes the Player's Field of View.
  • crosshair 1 - Adds a crosshair. Remove by replacing the 1 with a 0.
  • mat_fullbright 1 - Increases the lighting of the game to its maximum settings. Can be reverted by replacing the 1 with a 0.
  • mat_fullbright 2 - Simplifies the look of the map.
  • mat_fullbright 3 - Removes most of the game's textures and makes it look as if it is made from clay.
    • ent_fire zaxis_paperpocalypse [option]- makes the scattered forms appear all over the normal office. Replacing turnoff makes them disappear if they're there.
      Ex: ent_fire zaxis_paperpocalypse turnon
    • ent_fire zaxis_stormy togglesound  - turns on the rain sound in the office.
    • ent_fire zaxis_boxvillie [option]- makes the huge order of cardboard boxes appear in the office.
      Ex: ent_fire zaxis_boxvillie turnon
      turnon, turnoff

All major commands in the game can be bound to a key.







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