Emotion Control Room
Emotion Control Room
The heart of the operation.
Location Information
Accessible via: Monitor Room elevator
Leads to: Freedom Ending, Explosion Ending
Place of ending(s): Explosion Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access
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The Countdown Room during the Explosion Ending

The Countdown Room is the facility where the emotions of Stanley's fellow employees are controlled; various buttons and computers around the room featured emotions such as Happy and Sad. There were many sub offices, a set of stairs on the left, and numbered buttons around the room. None of these buttons serve any actual function; pressing them makes a light noise. All of the computers in the room show "MIND CONTROL STATUS: OFFLINE". During the Explosion Ending, all of the buttons and computers are on.


This room is where the Explosion Ending occurs; however, you must activate it in the Facility Power Room.


  • Going there a second time while in the Explosion Ending will make the narrator react differently before the last 30 seconds.