Doors are the main access objects in The Stanley Parable. By using certain hacks and codes, players can explore, observe, and even see what game layout present behind each doors in The Stanley Parable. However, it should be noted that a lot of doors in the game are just walls, which means these doors don't have anything behind them and are for decorative purposes only. Note that doors that normally would lead to other doors in the submaps like those in the Confusion Ending and the Not Stanley Ending lead to a wall by normal means.

In the normal playthrough.

  • Door 427 leads back to your office and triggers the Coward Ending. If you cheat-open the door in the office blue wall coloration, the door leads to a dead-end wall.
  • 428 leads to the Launch Pod Ending.
  • 429 leads to a office.
  • 430 leads to a wall.
  • 431- 436 all have normal office desks.
  • 437 leads to a wall.
  • 4B5 does not have a handle.
  • 4B6 does not have a handle.
  • The next door with nothing on it leads to a wall.
  • 457 leads to a wall.
  • 420 leads to the outside of the map.
  • 425 leads to a corridor and an office.
  • 456 leads to white space.
  • 426 leads to a wall. However, in the Whiteboard Ending, it is a small room with a whiteboard.
  • 417 leads to an office. The ladder inside isn't solid.
  • 4B3 has no handle.
  • 445 leads to an office.
  • 446 leads to a wall.
  • 447 also leads to an office.
  • 448 also leads to a wall.
  • 4?8 opens to white space.
  • 426 opens to the Whiteboard Ending.
  • 006 has a room and a desk.
  • The Broom Closet in the Not Stanley Ending looks odd because you can't open it despite it looking normal. The boarded up closet has a more clear denier.
  • The door in the Mariella Ending leads to a small room and to a wall after you close your eyes.
  • The other doors in the apartment ending lead to nowhere.
  • 4B4 and 4B5 lead to a wall or white space in the Confusion Ending.
  • 4B7 leads to white space.
  • 480 leads to an office.
  • 481 - 485 lead to a wall.
  • The doors on the staircase in the Confusion Ending lead to walls.
  • 012 has the question mark whiteboard that you normally shouldn't see.
  • 008 - 011 lead to a wall.
  • 038 leads to an office.
  • 0B5 leads to a wall.
  • 0B4 leads to a wall.
  • 0B3 is open.
  • 0B2 and 0B1 lead to walls.
  • 432's peer reviews room is accessible.
  • You can reopen 425 and do the Confusion Ending until the peer reviews room.
  • 413 leads to an office with a strange monitor.
  • 412 leads to a wall.
  • 411 leads to a wall.
  • 2B1 leads to white space.
  • 2B3 leads to white space. You can see the Warehouse through this door.


  • You cannot open doors in the Boss' Office unless you use "ent_remove", or do the Escape Pod Ending, though only doors you went through will be open.
  • Some doors can be reopened and walked through even if it has an invisible portal.
  • You can go back to the office if you go left and cheat back to the two doors room and walk through the door you entered to get in the two doors room.
  • You can get yourself stuck in one of the rooms during the Confusion Ending.
  • You can find some new offices during the second restart of the Confusion Ending.
  • Some doors are linked with portals.
  • You can see the picture that shows GranPC as employee of the month in room 426.




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