For some reason, the number {8} (eight) has been a running joke seen throughout The Stanley Parable. Below is the list of {Eight} references in-game:

  • In The Stanley Parable Demonstration Demo Construction Facility, on the notice regarding rules for proper demo administration, one of the listed rules tells that a demo should last exactly {8} minutes.
  • During the demo, there is a white button marked {8} on it surrounded by five monitors. When you press the button, a deep voice says {eight} and the monitors have an {eight} on them. This doesn't do anything but annoy the Narrator. This is the famous {Eight} game.
  • In the Stanley Parable Instructional Video, the video lecturer says that a real person must make at least {8} choices per day. And that study is really true, not "Stanley Parable" fiction.
  • The achievement 88888888 requires the player to input the number {8} eight times into the keypad in the Boss's Office. Later, the voice in the The Stanley Parable Demonstration's {Eight} Game saying same {EIGHT} sound will be heard. If you keep pressing it later on, the Narrator will get angry and will open the passage for you.
  • The Confusion Ending featured {8} restarts in order to achieve the ending, however the Narrator refused to restart the game for the fifth time, and thus preventing the ending to happen.
  • There are supposedly {8} human characters in The Stanley Parable.
  • In the Games Ending, the Narrator takes Stanley to {8} different worlds and places:
    1. The Office (starting point),
    2. Unfinished Section,
    3. Two-Doors Room (now with 3 doors),
    4. Two-Doors Room (with the Stanley Parable Leaderboard),
    5. Baby Game,
    6. Minecraft World,
    7. Test Chamber 00 (Portal),
    8. The Office from original HL2 mod.
  • In the Confusion Ending, when one looks down into the monitor room off to the left of the platforms, an {8} is visible in the darkness.
  • During the Escape Pod Ending, Stanley has to go through {8} floors to get to the Escape Pod, beginning from Floor 752 to Floor 760.
    Eight Game

    The Stanley Parable Eight Game

  • There are approximately {8} death endings for Stanley, with the other endings allows him to escape the game alive or forever lost in the game world. These {8} endings include:
    1. Mariella Ending (Stanley goes insane and is found dead by Mariella)
    2. Powerful Ending (Suicide)
    3. Cold Feet Ending (Suicide)
    4. Zending (Suicide)
    5. Museum Ending (Crushed by the metal jaws)
    6. Explosion Ending (As the name says, Stanley exploded with the facility)
    7. Phone Ending (The screen says "please die")
    8. The 8th and final restart of the Confusion Ending states "The Narrator is gone. After a long time, Stanley dies" hinting that Stanley was supposed to die at the end of Confusion Ending.
  • The Metacritc score of The Stanley Parable is {88}, and user rating is {8.0}.
  • All forklifts in the game have an {8} on them, and there are {8} forklifts in the game seen in the following places: Two on the Warehouse floor, five in the Phone Room during Narrative Contradiction, one in the Two Doors Room during Narrative Contradiction.
  • The poem that the Divine Art recites during the Art Ending has {8} lines.
  • The code for the keypad in the original HL2 version of The Stanley Parable was 1957. If you add the number {888} to the number 1957 the answer will be 2845. 2845 is the code for the keypad in The Stanley Parable HD remake.
  • One of the conditions to attain the "Unachievable achievement" is getting an 8 from a randomly generated number[1]


A possibility for the meaning of {Eight} is that it means "infinity" if turned on the side. This is perhaps the explanation to the famous quote of The Stanley Parable game which says "The End Is Never The End". It could also be a possible reference to Bungie's use of the number 7 in the Halo series. Also, because of the metacritc coincidence, there could be even more theories about the {8}.