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{8} (Eight)

For some reason, the number {8} (eight) has been a running joke seen throughout The Stanley Parable. Below is the list of eight references in-game:

Half-Life 2 mod

  • The code for the keypad in the original Half-Life 2 version of The Stanley Parable was 1957. If you add the number {888} to the number 1957 the answer will be 2845. 2845 is the code for the keypad in The Stanley Parable HD remake.
  • The description of the mod on Moddb has {8} lines.

The Stanley Parable Demonstration

  • In The Stanley Parable Demonstration Construction Facility, on the notice regarding rules for proper demo administration, one of the listed rules tells that a demo should last exactly {8} minutes.
  • The Eight Game

    During the demo, there is a white button marked {8} on it surrounded by five monitors. When you press the button, a deep voice says eight and the monitors have an eight on them. This doesn't do anything but annoy the Narrator. This is The Eight Game.

The Stanley Parable


  • The trailer lasts for 2 minutes and {8} seconds.[1]

Not Ending-Specified


  • The achievement 88888888 requires the player to input the number 8 {eight} times into the keypad in the Boss's Office. Later, the voice in the Eight Game saying same EIGHT sound will be heard. If you keep pressing it later on, the Narrator will get angry and will open the passage for you.
  • One of the conditions to attain the "Unachievable achievement" is getting an {8} from a randomly generated number.[2]


  • There are supposedly {8} human characters in The Stanley Parable.
  • Mariella's name has {8} letters.
  • The only other employee mentioned directly by the narrator is Employee 419. The difference between 427 and 419 is {8}.

Game World

  • There are {8} death endings for Stanley, with the other endings allows him to escape the game alive or forever lost in the game world. These 8 endings are:
    1. Explosion Ending - Exploded with the facility
    2. Museum Ending - Crushed to death by the metal jaws.
    3. Mariella Ending - Goes insane and collapses, found dead on the street by Mariella.
    4. Powerful Ending - Jumps off the Cargo Lift.
    5. Cold Feet Ending - Stanley gets onto the lift, but then backs off quickly before it starts to move. This results in him jumping off the platform later.
    6. Apartment Ending - In the Story of The Death of A Man Named Stanley, the Narrator says that his job is slowly killing him, and the last message says "Please die".
    7. Zending - Commits suicide by jumping off the stairs 4 times.
    8. Confusion Ending - After the 8th and the final restart mentioned on the Confusion Ending Schedule, the Narrator is scripted to abandon the game, and Stanley would die. This never truly happens in-game however, because none of the endings from the fifth onwards actually happen.
  • All forklifts in the game have an {8} on them, and there are {8} forklifts in the game seen in the following places: Two on the Warehouse floor, five in the Phone Room during Narrative Contradiction, one in the Two Doors Room during Narrative Contradiction.
  • Of the 12 ceiling lights in the Two Doors Room, only {8} are turned on.
  • There are 16 filing cabinets in the Meeting Room, which is divisible by {8}.
  • When walking through the right door, you will go through the employee lounge, in which there are {8} cups.
  • Partition Corp, a company name visible beneath some employee desks, has been "providing partitions for 56 years", which is divisible by {8}.

Left Door Endings

Freedom Ending

Freedom g.png
  • The staircase at the very end of the ending has 16 steps, which is divisible by {8}.
  • The parking lot nearby have enough space for 3 cars and {8} bikes.

Museum Ending

Mariella Ending

  • There are {8} armchairs in the room with armchairs:
    • 5 near the front door.
    • 3 near the back door.

Broom Closet Ending

Right Door Endings

Real Person Ending

Games Ending

Confusion Ending

  • In the Confusion Ending, when one looks down into the monitor room off to the left of the platforms, an {8} is visible in the darkness.
  • In the first sub-ending, the subtitles indicates that the Narrator would say the word "no" when you enter the monitor room for {8} times.
    • However, the Narrator actually says the word 9 times.
  • After you come to the first dead end in the third sub-ending, there are {8} more rooms/hallways that you can walk to during this sub-ending.
  • According to the Confusion Ending Schedule, the game is supposed to restart {8} times. It only restarts five times, however.

Art Ending

Apartment Ending

  • {8} is one of the buttons you have to push in this Ending.


  • The game is restarted when Stanley jumps off the stairs 4 times; 4 is a factor of {8}.

Pre-Two Doors Room endings

Whiteboard Ending

  • The Whiteboard has 16 curvy lines, which is divisible by {8}.

The staircase at the very end of the ending

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe



  • One can find {8} on Stanley's bag.
  • The "FUN" Slide in the trailer has {8} smilies.
  • Games beside The Stanley Parable have been mentioned {8} times in the trailer:
  • The only phrase said by anyone besides the Narrator, "And this year's winner for Best Narrative is...", has {8} words, excluding the game title.[3]

Reply to fan letters and e-mails

  • At the beginning of the video, the computer indicates the Narrator received 15,{888} e-mails.
  • The person holding the "Delay THE STANLEY PARABLE: ULTRA DELUXE to 2020 to sometime probably before summer but it sort of depends on the specifics of how development goes" parchment has the number {8} on the socks.
  • The length of the reply video (6:10) and the trailer (1:50) when added together equals {8} minutes.

  • The number {888} can be seen on the front of the controller.
  • The number {8} from the demo can be seen on the back of the controller.
  • Pressing {8} on the keyboard will play the "Eight" sound from the demo.

In The Game

Skip Button Ending

  • Beeping can be heard when Stanley presses the skip button {8} times.
  • To achieve this ending, Stanley must press the skip button 18 times. Notice that the number of times you have to press the skip button has an {8}.

Figurines Ending

  • The Narrator states that when he spent a lot of time making the video where Stanley found the 5th collectible, it was {8} minutes he wouldn't have spent it on anything else.


  • If the Player replays the Epilogue enough times, then chooses to rename the game at the end to change the sequel number every time, when you get to The Stanley Parable {8}, you will instead be brought to The Eight Game when you Begin the game. It looks very similar to how it did in the The Stanley Parable Demonstration, although with the Stanley Controller in the back of the room.

The Bucket

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe OST

  • The {8}th song in the OST is "{8}" by Davey Wreden and lasts {8} seconds.


  • The Metacritic score of The Stanley Parable is {88}, and user rating is {8.0}.
  • IGN rated this game {8.8} out of 10
  • 432 can be divided by {8}.
  • If one were to encode "The Stanley Parable" with A1Z26 Encoder, they would get the following string: 20;8;5;0;19;20;1;14;12;5;25;0;16;1;18;1;2;12;5. The sum of these numbers is 184, which also can be divided by {8}.
  • There are {8} videos with a number on the video's title on Davey Wreden's Youtube channel that are uploaded before The Beginner's Guide Trailer[4]
    • Anime 1
    • Anime 2
    • Anime 3
    • Anime 4
      • Note that, In this video. There's also a joke about guessing a number from 1-10, which is ultimately revealed to be {8}.
    • Ep.1
    • Ep.2
    • Tape 1
    • The Stanley Parable (2011 mod) Trailer


A possibility for the meaning of Eight is it resembles an infinity symbol (∞) if turned on the side. This is perhaps in reference to The Stanley Parable's tagline "The End Is Never...". It could also be a possible reference to Bungie's use of the number 7 in the Halo series and/or the frequent appearances of the number 47 in the Star Trek franchise and other similar recurring numbers in media. Also, because of the Metacritc coincidence, there could be even more theories about the {8}.

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