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Elevator Room
Nice music, isn't it?
Nice music, isn't it?
Location Information
Accessible via: Boss' Office
Leads to: None
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Elevator Room is a room accessible from within the Boss' Office after travelling along the main storyline at least 3 times in a row. On the back wall inside the room, there's a painting of a panda bear with a gun to its head with the caption "Business Strategy", along with a painting of the Boss (the same as in the Boss' Office) above the door with the caption "I am the most expensive boss". To the left, after entering, there is an elevator with an up and down button on both the outside and inside. Pressing either of the outside buttons upon entering the room will open the elevator doors, and pressing one of the inside ones while inside the elevator will close the doors and start the elevator. Afterwards, the elevator will begin to whir, shake and play elevator music, as if it were really moving, although the elevator does not actually go anywhere, and instead leads back to where it started. If you listen carefully, you can hear the narrator humming the elevator's tune, coughing, and making noises in a very silent and awkward manner, as if he were actually standing next to you in the elevator. You can also hear a whispering of "Stanley" throughout the elevator ride. Pressing either of the buttons inside the elevator while it's running will stop the elevator and open the doors back into the elevator room. The elevator will go on forever until either of the buttons inside is pressed.


No endings occur in this room.


  • The title of the original song without Narrator's voiceover is "Elevator Bossa Nova"
  • Spamming the buttons inside the elevator may cause them to stop working. The only way to fix this is to restart the game. It is a known bug, and should be patched in the future updates