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Employee 432 desk

Employee 432 was one of Stanley's co-workers in the building, but at some point prior to when Stanley is "awoken", that employee was fired. A lot of easter eggs referring to that employee can be found in The Stanley Parable. It seems that he might be experiencing the same thing Stanley is going through.

Related Easter Eggs

  • The employee with no text at the Mind Control Facility shows the Employee 432 desk.
  • On your way to the phone room, you will see a box full of pencil sharpeners that has the number 432 on it. When you unplug the phone and come back, the box is gone.
  • Employee 432 doesn't have a computer on his desk, only a pencil sharpener and a desk lamp.
  • In the Confusion Ending, a paper can be seen with the "Daily Performance Review" of Employee 432.
    • In the same ending, by following the line all the time, there will be a corridor called "Employee 432 Peer Reviews" in the company archives.
  • In the Escape Pod ending, all the windows are facing Employee 432's desk.

    Employee Observation Protocol

  • In the Mind Control Facility, you can see a paper called "Employee Observation Protocol", showing the following text:
    • 1A. If an employee begins exhibiting unscheduled emotions immediately contact supervisor.
    • 1B. Please note that employee 432 is a test case - procedure 1a need not apply.
    • 2A. If an employee attempts to leave the office via any non-scheduled means (E.G. window, vehicle, unsafe door) set employee status to default and then back to their previous mode. If attempts to leave persist contact supervisor.
    • 2B. If (despite adherence to protocol 2A) an employee somehow manages to leave the office during 'work hours' you must initiate lockdown procedure for that section immediately and without delay. This will create a temporary loop in system architecture that must then be closed by your immediate superior.

There are more papers showing more employee supervision protocols on The Mind Control Facility.

  • Employee 432's monitor screen shows a box of pencil sharpeners that isn't normally there.
  • You can see this screen more closely by going through the Confusion Ending. It says Employee 432 is fired, though it doesn't say that in the regular Mind Control Facility.

    There is a paper in the Mind Control Facility that says "432 asked 431 for a pencil, 431, as per procedure, did not respond.
  • In the meeting room, there is a whiteboard that says "what to do with 432?"
  • 432 has a lot of pencil sharpeners, but there are only 3 pencils in the game.
  •  There is a drawing of 432's desk and a pencil sharpener on it somewhere in the office.
  •  At the Monitor Room, some screens have written on it "Employee Fired". One of them points out to desk 432, thereby putting an end to Employee 432's fate regarding his participation in the building.
    432 is mentioned in the IndieBox Stanley Parable Manual as one of the characters, but no information about him is given.
  •  On the Whiteboard in the meeting room, you can see a planned meeting with the title "What to do about 432" and next to it stands "Don't tell 432 about the meeting"


  • 432 can be divided by 8.
  • In the Heaven Ending there is a total of 432 buttons.





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