Employee Lounge
Employee Lounge
Wow. Yes, this room. What a beautiful room. What a gorgeous, gorgeous room.
Location Information
Accessible via: The Right Door
Leads to: All other endings, except for the Coward Ending, the Out of Map Ending, and the Escape Pod Ending.
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Employee Lounge is a room that Stanley enters when he takes the right door. The Narrator had planned for Stanley to take this hallway and placed the lounge here in order to justify Stanley's divergence from his story. Once Stanley exits this room, he'll have to choose whether he wants to get back on track or keep walking his own path. The Narrator may make fun of Stanley should he spends too much time in the lounge. The Lounge consists of several blue sofas and armchairs, two coffee tables, a vending machine and some paintings.

Every time you go there The Narrator says something different. He usually lauds the room and Stanley's decision to go there with various hyperboles, but going there repeatedly gets him tired, simply remarking "It was okay" in a somber tone.

Employee Lounge 2

Original Mod

The Employee Lounge was also present in the original Half-Life 2 mod The Stanley Parable, but it worked the same way as the Meeting Room works in the HD remix. The left door led you to the employee lounge which is where the Narrator thought Stanley's co-workers might be at, while the right door had nothing special at all.

Lounge Mod 1

The Employee Lounge in the mod.

Lounge Mod 2

Alternate view.


No endings occur here.


Lounge beta

The Employee Lounge as it appeared in the beta.

  • The Employee Lounge was different in the beta of the HD remix.
  • There is a paper saying that someone stayed in the lounge for 40 days.