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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

The Original Stanley Parable flowchart.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe flowchart.

There are nineteen achieveable endings found in The Stanley Parable. Some of them end with a restart, others need the player to restart themselves.

Left door endings

Freedom Ending

Main article: Freedom Ending

Obey everything The Narrator tells you to do. At the end, Stanley will destroy the "Mind Control Facility" pushing the "OFF" button, disabling the controls and step out of the building into the green field. The Narrator talks about Stanley finally being free and able to do what he wants.

Countdown Ending

Main article: Countdown Ending

Obey everything the Narrator tells you to do except for pressing "ON" instead of "OFF" on the mind control facility's power. This will shock the Narrator and, instead of taking control of the facility, will initiate its nuclear self-destruct function, leaving the player to die while the Narrator enjoys their torment and explains everything.

Museum Ending

Main article: Museum Ending

Obey everything the Narrator tells you to do, but follow the Escape sign instead of going in the Mind Control Facility. You will end up in a long hallway. The narrator will continuously say that the end of the hallway will lead you to your death, trying to convince you to turn back. Reaching the end causes you to fall into a death trap that slowly brings you towards a large crushing machine. Just before you meet your death at the hands of the machine, a female Narrator takes over and frees you, giving you a chance to look inside a museum containing beta elements from earlier in the game's production, elements from other endings, and content that was cut from the game.

After that, the female Narrator tells you that the only way to save Stanley is to quit the game, but staying put will have the metal jaws crush you to death successfully, leaving the screen black and truly forcing you to restart.

Mariella Ending

Main article: Mariella Ending

Listen to the Narrator, but go down the stairs instead of up. Stanley will enter a never-ending paradoxical loop of rooms. As Stanley walks through the rooms without end, he begins to question everything, believing himself to be in a dream. He imagines himself to be a bird and to be flying through a star field in space, and then believes the Narrator is just a voice in his head, but then he realizes that he is not dreaming and ends up screaming for help, dropping dead.

In the end the Narrator tells a story about a woman named Mariella who just discovered a corpse of a crazy man while heading to work and that no one knew what was going on in his hellbent mind. At least, no one but Stanley.

Escape Pod Ending

Main article: Escape Pod Ending

Listen to the Narrator until you reach the Boss's Office. Quickly enter and leave the Boss's Office, making sure the doors are closed. All doors behind you will be open (including the Executive Bathroom); go back towards Stanley's Office. A door will be open right in front of his office. (if you go back to your office and close the door, you cannot reopen the door again). Upon entering the door, you will be teleported to a long staircase. After you go far enough there will be a sign warning you that both the Narrator and Stanley need to be present in order for escape sequence to play out as intended. The Narrator was disabled earlier on, so the game restarts instead.

  • If Stanley is holding the bucket during this ending, once the escape pod is reached, he will allow the bucket to escape. After restarting, the bucket is nowhere to be found. Restarting again will reveal a replacement bucket with a sign that says "REPLACEMENT BUCKET", and when picked up, will prompt the Narrator to say not to lose it again.

Heaven Ending

Main article: Heaven Ending

First activate input on 419's computer, then restart the game. Go to 423's computer and activate input, then restart the game. This time, activate input on the computer seen just before entering the Boss's Office. Restart the game again and activate input on 434's computer. Restart the game once again and activate input on Stanley's computer. You will be taken to heaven. There are 432 buttons that move around and a choir that says "push the buttons".

Broom Closet Ending

Main article: Broom Closet Ending

After exiting the meeting room and before entering the staircase, Stanley finds a door that leads to a Broom Closet. If he goes inside and stays in there, the narrator starts to get annoyed and eventually assume the player is dead and requests someone else to take their place. After Stanley exits the room, The Narrator welcomes player 2. If Stanley goes into the Broom Closet again, the narrator will get annoyed some more, suggesting they give the controls to something non-human, like a monkey.

If going into the Broom Closet enough times, after resetting the game, the Narrator will eventually board it up, preventing Stanley from going inside again. This is more of a gag than an ending.

Bottom of the Mind Control Room Ending

Main article: Bottom of the Mind Control Room Ending

Upon reaching the Mind Control Facility, perform the Monitor Room Glitch. Upon reaching the bottom, the Narrator will acknowledge the glitch's existence and remark that it is now an ending to the game, complete with a unique song that does not play anywhere else.

Elevator Ending

Main article: Elevator Ending

Taking the Elevator that leads to the mind control facility up and down several times will lead to the narrator sending Stanley to a conference hall where he will give a press conference about himself.

Right door endings

Confusion Ending

Main article: Confusion Ending

Take the right door, go left in the open door, use the elevator inside the Maintenance Room. Taking this route leaves the Narrator confused as to which direction to go. After opening and closing two doors in Stanley's face, he opens a garage door that leads to the Monitor Room. In successive restarts, Stanley will always end up in the Monitor Room.

After two restarts (ending with multiple doors, then with no doors,) the Narrator decides to use a guide called The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ or Line™ for short. However, the Adventure Line™ keeps leading back to the Monitor Room.

On the next restart, the Narrator and Stanley decide to venture away from the Line™, eventually coming to a room with the Confusion Ending Schedule, wherein the Narrator refuses to restart the game as per the schedule. He "breaks" the game, which eventually resets without his consent.

Powerful Ending

Main article: Powerful Ending

Take the right door, go into the warehouse, and drop to your death without boarding the platform. The Narrator will applaud Stanley for jumping then the game will restart.

Cold Feet Ending

Main article: Cold Feet Ending

Same as Powerful Ending, but quickly get off the lift before it takes you and then jump off to the floor below. The Narrator then speaks some sarcastic comments on this ending, mocking you for forcing yourself to fall to your death.

Apartment Ending

Main article: Apartment Ending

Take the right door, go into the Warehouse, take the cargo lift across without jumping and answer the phone in the Phone Room. This teleports Stanley in front of what appears to be his apartment, but when he opens the door, expecting his wife, he finds a robotic mannequin. Attempting to leave instead of entering his apartment prompts the Narrator to block Stanley, forcing him to enter his apartment. As the screen tells the player to press a specific button, the apartment around Stanley begins to change into his office (in some cases the apartment will remain the same if you pressed other buttons than stated to push, however, there is still no way to progress through the story line meaning the player will still have to restart) while the Narrator tells Stanley the Story of The Death of a Man Named Stanley.

Not Stanley Ending

Main article: Not Stanley Ending

Do what you would do for the Phone Ending, but instead of answering the phone, crouch next to the outlet and unplug the phone. The Narrator learns about the players role in controlling Stanley and shows Stanley a hilarious video about Choice. Return to the Two Doors Room.

Taking the right door will prompt further "Narrative Contradiction," and when you enter the left door, the Meeting Room will have been destroyed and distorted. The Narrator shuts down the game and goes on a rant about how Stanley destroyed his work. He is cut off by a sudden restarting of the game, with Stanley reappearing in front of the two doors after returning from the cargo room.

Taking the left door will allow the game to proceed as normal (without the option to go downstairs, with the railing blocking the entrance to do so, and the ability to open the door to the Broom Closet). Instead of a keypad to access the Mind Control Facility, you are presented with a voice box in which you must speak the password. The player can't do so because Stanley is silent and the game does not include access to your microphone to speak, but the Narrator is unaware of this and launches on a tirade about entering the right door and "doing whatever the hell you wanted".

In the end after going through both doors at least once, you (the player, not Stanley) leave Stanley's body and appear above the ceiling in the two doors room presumably removed from stanely by the narrator(after returning from the Warehouse.) Not having anyone controlling him, Stanley is frozen in place. The Narrator then pleads for Stanley to do something as the credits roll.


Main article: Zending

Take the right door, go into the warehouse, take the lift and jump onto the catwalk, take the red door. You will be transported to a Starry Dome where you and the Narrator can find "True Happiness". You can find a path to go inside another room and climbs a set of stairs which are cut off at the highest point. The Narrator notices what you are trying to do and begs you not to jump off the stairs. When you do, you survive the fall. Relieved, The Narrator hopefully suggests that you return to the Starry Dome room where you and the Narrator will be happy again. But if you continue to jump off the stairs several more times while the Narrator begs you not to do so, you will die, making the screen fade to black and the game restart.

Games Ending

Main article: Games Ending

Disobey The Narrator to the end; take the right door, go into the warehouse, take the lift and jump onto the catwalk. Take the blue door 3 times. You will walk into a large room full of developer textures that the Narrator had not finished building yet.

The Narrator will show some ways to improve the game that he had been working on, due to your apparent distaste for the Narrator's intended story. They include the original two doors room, this time with a third door to the far right, featuring a wooden door and orange hallway, starkly contrasting with the other two doors.

You are then taken to a "baby" game, preventing a baby from crawling left into fire. If you fail the game, you are taken to a Minecraft lookalike game. Since you cannot interact with blocks, you must watch the Narrator create a house. Once you get in, the Narrator will say that the house should be rebuilt out of diamond. As you walk further into the hole, the lighting dims and the Narrator laments on how open-ended the game is.

You are then taken to the first level of Portal. However, when you place the Weighted Storage Cube on the Heavy-Duty Super-Colliding Super Button, the Narrator activates the elevator before you are in, forcing you to fall through a hole into a remnant of the office building from the original Half-Life 2 mod. If you walk back after going to Stanley's office, the screen turns to black and the Narrator closes this ending with some thoughtful dialogue.

You can also break the puzzle by putting the Weighted Storage Cube through the door, surprising The Narrator. The Narrator won't let you out, and says that you should get cozy with the Heavy-Duty Super-Colliding Super Button.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

In Ultra Deluxe, the route to this ending and the last few parts play out mostly the same, only the part of the Narrator loading you into different games being entirely different.

Instead of Minecraft, you are first loaded into Firewatch. The Narrator then makes an inaccurate assumption of the game's plot, assuming it to be about a creepy person creeping on others from his tower (even though it's actually about a fire lookout named Henry in the Shoshone National Forest) and invites you to walk down the tower and take a look around.

However, as you walk down the fire lookout tower, the Narrator realizes that he's loaded you into an open-world game (even though Firewatch doesn't classify as one) and blocks everything off with walls.

After a disgusted tangent about the game's open-world nature, the Narrator then suggests loading you into a more boarded-up game (just like how he would in the original game's version of this route) and proceeds to load you into a playing field from Rocket League. After seeing the game's cars and balls, he comes to the accurate conclusion that this is a sports game, spawning a ball for you and inviting you to play with it. After a while, he decides to spawn in even more balls, only to despawn them shortly after, reminding you that you are 'playing [his] game'.

The Narrator then leaves you alone, challenging you to make up your own rules in the empty field. (given how eager you were to disobey his rules up to this point according to himself)

The only way to progress from here is to fall into the dark pits that lie within the field's goals. (you can also drop down there at any time and completely skip the sequence with the balls) The ending from there will play the same as the original game,

Art Ending

Main article: Art Ending

Do what you would do to get the Games Ending. However, when you get to the baby game, play it for 2 hours. A puppy will open, doubling the difficulty and forcing you to take care of both the baby and puppy. Play for another 2 hours, and the Essence of Divine Art will talk to you.

Vent Ending

Main article: Vent Ending

Climbing up the boxes near the entrance to the warehouse and dropping down onto a ledge allows Stanley to access a small vent which he can climb into. Entering leads to a secluded part of the Warehouse where the narrator begins to repeat his dialogue on loop, his voice being revealed to have been coming from a hidden tape recorder. However, the real narrator then reveals himself and chastises Stanley for falling for such a contrived twist.

Pre-Two Doors Room endings

Coward Ending

Main article: Coward Ending

Close the door to your office at the start of the game. Instead of exploring The Office, Stanley chooses to sit there staring at the screen, hoping some commands will pop out. The Narrator will utter some comments about Stanley and his cowardice and the game resets.

Out of Map Ending

Main article: Out of Map Ending

Get on top on the desk on the left with the square computer (434) in the first office and leave through the window. This is possible by walking up to the chair and continuing on top of it. You will then crouch and leave through the window. Stanley will be given a choice. Select either "yes" or "no". If you select "yes", The Narrator will sing a song for Stanley. If you select "no" the Narrator will tell you about the possibilities if you answered "yes".

Serious Ending

Main article: Serious Ending

In Steam, type '-console' in the launch options. Run the game, and input 'sv_cheats 1' in the console. This will teleport you to the 'Serious' room, where you are sentenced to stay for one hundred billion trillion years. If "sv_cheats 1" is input again, you will be again sent to the room, but this time, you are sentenced for "infinity years." If "sv_cheats 1" is input a third time, the Narrator will give up and abandon the player to begin searching for a more serious table. Inputting after this "sv_cheats 1" will have no further effect.

Whiteboard Ending

Main article: Whiteboard Ending

Sometimes when the game starts/restarts the office is all blue-ish. When this occurs, you can open room 426. Once opened, you will a small room in which a whiteboard hangs on the wall, saying "Welcome to the... WHITEBOARD ENDING!!" This is more like an easter egg or a joke given by the game's developers. The Whiteboard also has 'Console >bark' written in the lower right corner, which is a console command that makes the USE button make a barking sound.

Infinite Hole Ending

Main article: Mostly Infinite Hole

While Stanley visits the Expo Hall during the Sequel Ending, he can come across an Infinite Hole made by the Narrator. Hopping inside and waiting it out reveals that the hole is in fact not infinite, much to the Narrator's frustration. Repeatedly jumping into the hole will cause it to become shorter and shorter, until it is so short that Stanley becomes trapped and cannot teleport back out. The Narrator gives up and abandons Stanley, at which point the hole begins to sink into the ground, implying that it was truly infinite after all. The player is able to press various buttons to change the visuals, such as the angle, the background, the music, and even Stanley's character model. After a while though, the Narrator will return to further mock Stanley, abruptly ending the sequence.

Bucket Endings

Main article: The Bucket

After completing the Sequel Ending and activating The Stanley Parable 2, The Bucket will be permanently added to the office on the way to the Two Doors room. Having The Bucket with you causes multiple changes in the game, specifically the outcome of whatever ending you choose. Sometimes it's no more than additional dialogue, but other times it can change the ending completly.

The list of endings which can be accessed upon taking the bucket with you is as follows:

Left Door Endings

  • Freedom Ending
  • Countdown Ending
  • Museum Ending
  • Mariella Ending
  • Escape Pod Ending
  • Heaven Ending[Notes 1]
  • Broom Closet Ending
  • Bottom of the Mind Control Facility Ending
  • Elevator Ending

Right Door Endings

Pre-Two Doors Room

  • Out of Map Ending
  • Whiteboard Ending
  • Escape Pod Ending
  • New Content Ending[Notes 3]
  • Sequel Ending
  • Infinite Hole Ending

Progression Endings

These endings are used in the story of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, and can usually only be achieved once.

New Content Ending

Main article: New Content Ending

After achieving a certain amount of regular endings in the game, the player will encounter what was once Door 416 on their way to the two doors labelled "New Content", which intrigues the narrator if the player goes through the door. Entering will lead to a ride explaining how successful the Stanley Parable was and how the developers were given the chance to re-release the game with extra content. Stanley then enters an elevator, and after a long elevator ride arrives in a room with a Jump Circle (Which allows Stanley to jump, but only a limited number of times). Another long elevator ride later and the player enters a small room with a sign that thanks the player for enjoying the new content. This exasperates the narrator, who resets the game.

Skip Button Ending

Main article: Skip Button Ending

Immediately after the New Content Ending, Stanley will restart in a different location of the office. The narrator will open a vent ushering Stanley inside, and leads him to the Memory Zone, a place where he keeps all his favorite memories of the Stanley Parable (2013). However, after encountering some negative Steam reviews of the game (some real, some fictional), the Narrator decides to implement a Skip Button so Stanley can move past his long monologues. Unfortunately, they soon find that they are unable to leave the room where the Skip Button is held, and each press causes time to jump forward in larger and larger increments. Stanley eventually fast-forwards through the Narrator's long decline in sanity as the room deteriorates around him, before eventually falling apart and being consumed by a barren desert wasteland which he explores for a short while before the game resets.

Sequel Ending

Main article: Sequel Ending

After achieving the Skip Button Ending, the New Content door will now have a flashy neon sign adorning it. The narrator detours Stanley, revealing that his disappointment with Ultra Deluxe's new content has led him to create his own pitch for a sequel to The Stanley Parable, aptly named The Stanley Parable 2. He leads Stanley through a show floor demonstrating several of the new features he intends to include in the new game, before he eventually determines that it is all a bunch of random nonsense that can't stand on his own. He realizes, however, that it could probably work if he simply integrated his new ideas into the original game as a way to enhance it, and thus resets the game, albeit now with several of his new mechanics permanently added to the game which Stanley can now use to achieve several new endings.

Figurines Ending

Main article: Figurines Ending

This Ending immediately begins during the first reset after collecting the 6th Stanley Figurine. The narrator reveals how he has been obsessing over the collectibles and takes Stanley on a trip down memory lane to relive the moment he collected each figurine, multiple times over, increasing Stanley's figurine count well above the 6/6 he was intended to have.


Main article: Epilogue

While not an true ending in the traditional sense, it plays and is structured much in the same way as one. Once certain conditions have been fulfilled, an option to play the Epilogue will appear from the main menu. Completing the Epilogue grants you the ability to unlock the broken test achievement as well as create the name for a new Stanley Parable sequel each time the game is booted up. The New Content door will also reappear allowing you to replay those endings.


  • An alternate version of the Escape Pod Ending can be found here.
  • The Narrator's incorrect assumption of Firewatch's plot in the Games Ending (the Ultra Deluxe version) might be a reference to a sequence that occurs early on in the actual game, where Henry (the game's protagonist) asks two drunk naked women to leave the forest (calmly or threateningly based on player choice), only for the women to call him 'an old creep' and run off.


  1. Not technically intended, can be accessed through certain RNG dialogue or by being fast with the right randomized office layout. In other words, having the bucket with you does not actually change this Ending's content.
  2. This Ending is triggered before Stanley can enter the Colored Doors Room, meaning that the No Buckets Ending replaces the Zending, Games Ending, and Art Ending, and that all 3 do not have their own Bucket Ending equivalents.
  3. Can only be performed post-Epilogue.

Left door

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Right door

Confusion EndingPowerful EndingCold Feet EndingApartment EndingNot Stanley EndingZendingGames EndingArt EndingVent EndingNo Buckets Ending

Does not require the Two Doors Room

Coward EndingOut of Map EndingSerious EndingWhiteboard Ending

Progression Endings

New Content EndingSkip Button EndingMostly Infinite HoleSequel EndingFigurines EndingEpilogue