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Many, many years later...

Epilogue is an option available on the Menu screen after completing the Figurines Ending, and all of the Boot-up cutscenes.


Pre-Memory Zone

Clicking on the Epilogue will bring you to a desert area, similar to the one in the Skip Button Ending. After a little bit, you are taken to the second phase which is the same as the first phase but during sunset, you also spawn next to a chair in front of a campfire. The third phase consists of the same map as the first phase but during a sandstorm, there also seems to be chairs stuck in the ground across the map as well. The fourth phase is the same as the first phase but at night. The fifth phase is the same phase as the first phase but during sunrise.

These stages will advance at the same intervals every time, meaning it's not required for the player to move to advance through this.

Post-Memory Zone

The sixth and final phase is the same as the first phase but you spawn under a broken stone arch and in front of you is the Memory Zone but in the ground, entering it takes you to a cave with a few articles on signs along with a bunch of Jim buttons. (one of them says Stanley) After wandering around, you can find a room full of Stanley figurines that you can pick up and behind them is a hole that brings you to a abandoned office that has a desk and computer in it. Going and clicking on the computer takes you to a black screen and you are met with the Settings Person.

Computer Screen

The Settings Person says that it's nice to see you again and that it's terrible that there will never be another Stanley Parable game after the sequel. It then says that the game is not sacred, so it should not be protected. So the Settings Person decides that we should keep making Stanley Parable games until the sun explodes. And run the franchise into the ground, not caring if the fans hate it. Blaming the quality of the game on the Narrator as he cared about what the people think of the games, and tells the Player not to make the same mistake as him and let the legacy burn. They say that it's not hard and proceeds to tell you that we are going to make The Stanley Parable 3. Which only changes the number on the logo and doesn't change the game at all. They decide that the game needs a subtitle as well to go along with the logo, you then are shown a screen with the game's new logo and you get to choose from some random words what the game's subtitle will be. Once you've decided, they say that every time you restart the game, you get to choose a new subtitle so that The Stanley Parable never ends and that the game itself doesn't change as adding content seems like work. You are then given a choice if you want to go forward with the plan or just keep the game as it is currently.

Saying Yes

The text will tell you that the Narrator never lets you get the test trophy in the Sequel Ending, and that they want to change that. And they say that the Trophy Machine is fixed and the next time you play the Sequel Ending the machine will actually give you the achievement. They tell you that there is only one last thing left to do, which is ask you what time it currently is and adjust the slider until the computer is barely visible. And then the game restarts, and you are greeted with the new title screen.

Saying No

The text will tell you that if you want to make more sequels you can just come back to them, then they restart the game, although the subtitle you chose will still be used.


  • Upon completing the Escape Pod Ending with the bucket, the escape pod containing the bucket will appear near the memory zone. It can be picked up and taken through the rest of the epilogue.
  • To the right of the entryway of the room containing the last 6 Figleys contains another pile of "Button that says your name... if your name is Jim"'s, one of which will say "Stanley" instead of Jim.
  • In a review in the epilogue, it states that the "... The Stanley Parable 2 is the worst game since..." before it is cut off by the sand. By breaking the camera and going into the sand, it reads "... The Stanley Parable 2 is the worst game since... "... The Stanley Parable 2 is the worst game since Ernesto’s Tiny File Size Adventure," which was originally mentioned here.
  • Behind Cookie9's blog is a newspaper cover detailing the cat and dog from one of the Settings Person's surveys, and how close you put them together changes the cover of it.



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