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The Escape Pod is a capsule that will (supposedly) take Stanley out of the game world.

Escape Pod


The Escape Pod is apparently a red capsule modeled after life-saving capsules generally used during emergency situations. The pod seems to be just big enough to transport a single person, and appears to be the only pod existing in the Office.

Escape Pod Banner

The Escape Pod make it's only appearance in the Escape Pod Ending, where you manage to foil The Narrator by trapping him in the Boss's Office. You can then go back through the doors you went through to get to the Boss's Office and enter Employee 428's door which leads you to several corridors until you get to the escape pod. However, just before you can make it to the pod, the game restarts. And so you never escape the game. This is explained in a large warning banner you see before entering the pod. The banner warns you that both the Narrator and Stanley must be present for the pod to activate and the ending to play out as intended, and if one of them is not present, the pod will not activate, seemingly rendering the ending unachievable.


  • In the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, if you attempt the escape pod ending while holding the bucket, the game will play a special cutscene of Stanley placing the bucket in the elevator.
    • The bucket will be absent on the next reset and will be replaced on the next after that.
  • A user created a mod that modified the Escape Pod Ending, where the pod is functional and Stanley and the Narrator successfully escape the office. (see Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod)




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