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Experiment 427 is a free modification for The Stanley Parable. During development, the modification got abandoned and never got finished. There is a beta version, however.

Initial Concept

The mod begins when a player activates the Confusion Ending and clicks on the Confusion Schedule. The player is then teleported out of the map on the opposite side of the Confusion Schedule and begins a new adventure. The mod was also going to customize the game's textures, add new objects, change the main plot, and add new rooms. 

Beta Gameplay


A view from behind the Confusion Schedule

Due to the mod never surpassing beta stage, one can only experience the existing routes and gameplay. The mod begins as intended, with the fourth reset of the Confusion Ending played through until the end. At this point, the player clicks on the Confusion Ending Schedule, and when the buzzer sounds, they are loaded into the mod's maps.

Map 1

This hallway loops for a randomized amount of time. Don't give up! The end will come.

The first map starts with the player descending a stairway before entering a blue hallway. In this hallway, the fern room and records room from the 3rd Confusion Ending reset can be seen through a doorframe covered in glass. The hallway loops, and the player must walk in this loop until it is broken by a randomized function running in the background. This can take anywhere from a minute to 30 minutes of walking in the loop, which unfortunately discouraged some players in the Steam community from continuing. When the loop breaks, the player can advance through a dark room and a green hallway where a Portal cube can be found. This can then be used to break the glass in the previous looped hallway and the player can jump into a hole to advance to the next map.

Map 2

This mod is more about transitional spaces than standing rooms

In the second map, the player walks through a few dark rooms before emerging in front of a bright, locked door. It is only by backtracking into the darkness where a silhouette of Stanley's player model is standing in the darkness. Upon approach, he disappears and the door opens. The player then advances through rooms until they fall into the elevator shaft seen in the Mind Control Facility. Behind moveable boxes, a crawlspace can be entered that leads to an ascending cargo lift that takes players to the next map.

The final choice, which determines which ending a player experiences.


Map 3 

In this map, the choices that diverge into the different endings can be made. The player ascends on the cargo lift up to a catwalk. After advancing along a system of catwalks, the player emerges into a room with three doors. The first has a sign adjacent that indicates the Narrator lies behind it, the second leads to an escape pod, and the third leads to a drop into an "unfinished" section similair to that of the Games Ending.



Experiment 427 contains 5 endings (I've created names by summarizing each):

  • We have nothing left to show you
  • A copy of the Powerful Ending
  • Finding the Narrator - Unfinished
  • Activating a blue Escape Pod
  • Glados shutdown 
  • A full gameplay of all 5 endings can be found here (Credit: User Enter Yeet).


  • Experiment427.6.png
    There is a trailer for this mod here: Experiment 427 Trailer
  • This mod successfully utilizes the console command "tsp_crash" to close the game
  • This mod tries to play the sound "Angering.wav". This presumably is the track Angering Stanley, created by the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, one of three OST creators for the original game.
  • A full gameplay of the video can be found here(Credit: User Enter Yeet).



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