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Facepunch is a popular internet videogame forum hosted by Facepunch Studios.

Facepunch logo.

Connections with The Stanley Parable

  • Davey Wreden is a frequent visitor of the website.
  • The number '1112800', which can be seen several times in the game, is a reference to the thread number of the Stanley Parable thread.
  • Typing "FACEPUNCH" during gameplay in either version of the game replaces all brush textures with the Facepunch logo. The Facepunch logo will even make dark places in the game go bright, and white room-like spaces outside windows will also have the texture.
    • This also reveals a big hole in the roof of the Heaven.

      The hole on the roof of the heaven, as seen after typing Facepunch.

  • In the Mind Control Facility there is a screen with a board of the Facepunch logo.


  • The name "Facepunch" came from the brainstorming of names for the game Facewound – where something "stupidly macho" was required. Two names were chosen at the end: Facepunch and Facewound. Facewound was used for the game, but Facepunch was deemed "too funny sounding to just leave to die" – and so was used as the name for the company.[1]

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