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This article appeared in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

It's just - it's those figurines. Those Figleys. I haven't stopped thinking about them since you nabbed every last one.

–The Narrator

The Figurines Ending is the ending that occurs when you collect every Stanley Figurine. The Sequel Ending must be completed to unlock this ending, and completing this ending is needed to unlock the Epilogue.

This ending is exclusive to Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining The Ending

The player must first get the Sequel Ending and collect the first Stanley Figurine to active the other spawns. He must then collect the other 5 hidden around the office in any order. Where they are located is detailed here.

The Ending

After the game is reset following the collection of the last figurine, the Narrator stops Stanley after the first room. He seems to still be thinking about them. He insists taking one more trip to the Memory Zone in order to relive the experience of collecting them. Stanley walks back into the Stanley Parable memory hall, into a newly opened basement.

Stanley then relives the memory of collecting each figurine in the order the player had actually collected them.

The First Figurine

The Narrator is happy to see the first figurine, commenting that, at the time, they had no idea how many there would be (despite the 1/6 on the screen).

The Second Figurine

The Narrator congratulates Stanley on finding this one "all on his own just by poking around (whatever location you found it in)". He then notes that he did not have any faith to find any of them at the point.

The Third Figurine

The Narrator then presents Stanley with a quiz, giving him two locations and asking him where he found the third figurine.

If he gets it right, the Narrator will congratulate him on his good memory.

If he gets it wrong, the Narrator will be disappointed at first, but rationalizes that Stanley's memories must just be blending together and he shouldn't judge him for his feelings.

The Fourth Figurine

Instead of the wherever you found your fourth figurine, Stanley instead enters an unfamiliar pink room. The Narrator seems to not remember the room either, but claims that "if it's in the Memory Zone, it must have happened".

The Fifth Figurine

Because this figurine is "particularly special" to him, the Narrator plays a video he made. After it ends, he claims it took him a long time to make it (8 minutes).

The Sixth Figurine

The Narrator says that this is the figurine he remembers the best since it's the one that they found most recently. He is happy to have relived the joy of finding the last figurine.

Recollecting the Figurines

After collecting the figurines in the six locations again, Stanley enters a room telling him he is "now in the present". The Narrator despairingly bids farewell to the Memory Zone and the game seemingly resets, cutting to the "THE END IS NEVER..." loading screen that plays when it resets.

However, the Narrator interrupts, saying he is not ready to move on yet and cuts back to the room. He then tells Stanley to go backwards and recollect the figurines.

The Sixth Figurine (Again)

The Narrator again comments that this is the figurine he remembers collecting the most since it was the one that they collected most recently.

The Fifth Figurine (Again)

The Narrator reminds Stanley of the video he made, playing an abridged, quick version of it.

The Fourth Figurine (Again)

The Narrator still doesn't remember the pink room, but says he still likes it.

The Third Figurine (Again)

The Narrator comments that the idea of a reward for finding them all would've ruined the joy of collecting them.

This is the room Stanley entered third, meaning if he got the quiz wrong he would end of in that location rather than the proper location he collected the third figurine

The Second Figurine (Again)

The Narrator asks if Stanley remembers finding this one, saying the past is "truly a wonderful thing" and questions why anyone would want to leave it.

The First Figurine (Again)

They find the first figurine, and the Narrator is so excited to see what memories come after.

More Memories

Stanley walks out of the figurine exhibit entrance and into the The Jump Circle room from the New Content ending. The Narrator says he used to hate it, but now that it's a memory he seems to like it. You then enter the Two Doors Room, which the Narrator is happy to see again. Entering either door takes you to Stanley's Office, which nothing came before.

The Narrator tries to remember what came before it, and seems to simply remember his own past. He says that he used to make "big decisions", but somewhere along the way stopped making them and became lazy. He instead came up with a character called "Stanley" to make all his decisions for him. He questions why he even invented him, rationalizing it was because he was lonely. While he appreciates Stanley being there for him, but he is tried of him and wants to think for himself again. So, he decides to give Stanley "one more run at the office" before retiring him for good. The game then resets.

Despite what the Narrator says, nothing changes after this ending and the game can still be played normally even after "one more run".

With The Bucket

Stanley cannot access The Bucket in this ending, and collecting figurines with it in hand does nothing.



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