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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

He had won! He had defeated the machine!


The Freedom Ending (also known as Life Ending[1]) is the "definitive" ending of The Stanley Parable, achieved by following along with the Narrator's story.

This ending is in the original mod, HD remake, and Ultra Deluxe.

​Obtaining the ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the left. Once you get to the staircase, go up to the Boss's Office. Head straight to the Mind Control Facility, and go to the Facility Power Room. Once you get to the power source, push the "OFF" button.

​The Ending

Once Stanley presses the "OFF" button, the power goes out in the facility. After a few moments of this, an immense door, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere, slowly opens, revealing a lush, green valley highly evocative of the dales of Yorkshire.

During this, the Narrator will acknowledge that while Stanley never truly solved the many mysteries thrust upon him (such as the whereabouts of his co-workers, why he was freed from the machine's grasp, etc), he is nevertheless content, realizing that he had found the one thing he needs; happiness. Happiness knowing that, from this moment onward, he will lead his own life. Stanley's life.

When the giant door finally opens completely, Stanley walks out into the countryside a different man, finally freed from his office, finally able to think for himself, excited at the new, endless possibilities. As stated at the beginning of the story, "Stanley is happy."

With The Bucket

If Stanley is holding The Bucket, the ending will have the Narrator stating what Stanley and The Bucket want to do once they exit the facility. The Bucket wants to learn how to roller skate, Stanley wants to sneeze in every country, and they both want to watch a movie halfway through then watch it in reverse from the end. After The Narrator talks about what Stanley and The Bucket want to do, the door exiting the facility stops halfway through, with the Narrator stating the facility does not want The Bucket to leave due to the calming presence of The Bucket. The door exiting the facility closes itself back up, leaving Stanley and The Bucket in total darkness, though Stanley notes that being trapped in the darkness wont be so bad since he has The Bucket. The game will then restart as normal.


  • Although The Narrator stated that Stanley was happy, you will always respawn in Stanley's Office after that, like any other endings.
  • The Greenfield in the beta Freedom Ending was different, as seen in the Museum.
  • Many fans consider this to be the game's real ending for a number of reasons:
    • This is the only ending where Stanley does everything the Narrator says.
    • The Achievement given for this ending is called Beat The Game.
    • During some of the other endings, the Narrator will state that this is the game's intended ending.
    • In the original Half-Life 2 mod, the credits roll and the game will end. The Narrator says in the HD Remake's demo that he also changed that.
    • This is the only ending where it is possible to obtain the Speedrun Achievement.
  • By using the source engine developer console, it is possible to teleport past the cutscene trigger and explore the green fields area beyond the door.
    • A human skull can be found near the building to the left of the door.
      • This could possibly be a reference to the words 'RIP Franz' written on a whiteboard in the Meeting Room.
      • This skull is the map object designated as the source of the narrator dialogue. In most Source Engine games, audio (and especially dialogue) originates from an object placed outside the map.
  • The staircase at the very end of the ending has 16 steps. Which is a number that can be divided by 8.

The green field as it was seen in the Stanley Parable beta (from the Developer Museum) ER63szw.jpg The barn in the greenfield The staircase at the very end of the ending

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