GameInfo.txt is a game file located in "thestanleyparable" folder of the main game directory.

About the file

The file is a game text file, explaining it's Steam App ID, and it also assembles the title of the game.

It is revealed that the game uses data from the file from the Portal 2 game files titled 'portal2.fgd'. It also uses hl2.exe as an example (which is Half-Life 2), probably due to the game's design being similar to that of Half-Life 2 and the fact that it was originally a mod for Half-Life 2.


  • The game uses data from the Portal 2 game files.
    • It also uses data from Half-Life 2.
  • The game also uses data from the video game 'Counter-Strike: Source', part of the Counter-Strike video game series.
  • The file's text design is similar of that to Portal 2's GameInfo.txt and Half-Life 2's GameInfo.txt.