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Facepunch.png Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.
Thank you for playing. Your input was extremely valuable.

–The Narrator

The Games Ending (also called the Playtest Ending[1]) is the ending which takes Stanley to playtest new versions of the game before playing various others instead, including the original Half-Life 2 mod of The Stanley Parable.

This ending is in the original mod, HD remake, and Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining the Ending

The Two Doors Room in the Games Ending

Exit Stanley's office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the right. Go into the warehouse, take the lift and jump onto the catwalk. At the two colored doors, take the blue door 3 times. You will walk into a large room that the Narrator had not finished building yet; Source textures (orange tiles) can be seen along the walls around you. 

The Ending (HD Remix)

This will anger the Narrator, and he will reference several game features when asking what exactly he wanted from the game. Due to your apparent distaste for the Narrator's intended game, he will ask for feedback on new ideas. First, he takes Stanley to the original Two Doors Room, this time with a third door to the far right, featuring a wooden door and a developer-texture hallway, starkly contrasting with the other two doors. All doors will lead you to the same room: an open hallway with 5 large buttons serving as a rating scale. The dialogue will differ based on what Stanley chooses, such as feeling insulted with a 1 rating and proud with a 5 rating.

After the rating, The Narrator will teleport Stanley back to the new two doors room, with the added addition of The Stanley Parable Worldwide Leaderboard along with left wall, with fake statistics and player information about the game to mock Stanley. Go through any of the doors and rate your experience again.

The Baby Game

Now play it for four hours.

The Narrator then sends you to a different game where a baby crawls to the left towards danger. He can be sent back to the right by pressing a large red button. The Narrator instructs you to play the game for four hours and keep notes on your experience. If you play for the first two hours, the game will add a puppy sinking into a pool of piranha, prompting you to push more buttons and pay more attention during the remaining time. Reaching the 4 hour mark leads to the Art Ending.

Someone Else's Game

If you fail either game, the Narrator will shut it off and teleport Stanley to a Minecraft-lookalike game. All features of the lookalike are similar to the real game: sound effects while walking, overhead cloud textures, mining sounds, lighting effects and door opening sounds. You are still limited to his abilities from the original game (you cannot jump nor mine) and can only watch the Narrator create a house. He then decides to recreate the house out of diamond, and invites you to come mining with him as several blocks behind him are cleared for the latter. As Stanley walks further into the cave, the lighting dims and the Narrator laments on how open-ended the game is. He then decides to try another game.

You are then sent to the first level of Portal, waking up in Chell's stasis tube. Complete the first puzzle and walk towards the elevator. However, the Narrator closes it and brings the elevator up from you before you can even get in it. The Narrator will arrogantly say that he doesn't need you in your office or your life, and leaves you behind.

Getting Stuck in the Test Chamber

It is possible to break the last door with the Storage Cube. This is done by balancing the cube with a slant on the radio, leaning against the door. When you step on the button, the door will close on the cube and start smoking. The narrator will then mock you on failing the simplest puzzle in the game and leave you inside the chamber, preventing you from continuing the ending and forcing you to reset. This is also possible in the same test chamber from the original Portal. See the video here.

Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

In Ultra Deluxe, the ending is nearly identical to the original, but with different games. While it is still the general idea of an open-world game and a walled-off game, the specific observations and objectives are different to suit the new games.

Instead of Minecraft, the Narrator takes Stanley first to Firewatch. He is satisfied at the contents of the tower you first arrive in, but when you descend, he is disgusted at the fact that it's an open-world game (at least, that's what he quickly assumes) and blocks Stanley in with several brick walls. He then decides to try another, more boxed-in game.

Instead of Portal, the walled-off game is Rocket League. The Narrator enjoys the confined environment before realizing the game is "Sportsball". He spawns in a ball to allow Stanley to score a goal. Thinking the number of balls is equal to the amount of fun, he adds several more. However, he soon takes them all away and reminds Stanley he is playing his game, eventually leaving him there.

Abandoned Office

The broken version of the office.

You then have nothing to do but jump through the elevator shaft (one of the goal holes in the case of Ultra Deluxe) into a remnant of the original office building; walking forward will send you down another hole and into the office from the original Half-Life 2 mod, but without lighting. If you walk to your office (can be found by looking for the only ceiling light turned on) and walk out of it, the screen turns to black and the Narrator closes this ending with some thoughtful dialogue, wondering if you are happy with your choice.

In Ultra Deluxe, the Narrator notices Stanley's accidental fall (which can trigger even sooner if you're willing to) and tries calling to him to no avail, even though the ending is the same otherwise.

The Ending (Ultra Deluxe, With The Bucket)

If Stanley is holding The Bucket, access to this ending is locked and instead leads the player to the No Buckets Ending.

The Ending (Original Mod)

In the original Half-Life 2 mod, you're taken to the start of Half-Life 2 itself. Similar to the HD remix and Ultra Deluxe, you cannot go any further once you reached the end of the first map. However, the Narrator will get frustrated about it being the end of the line instead of saying he had enough. To continue, you must actually find a hole in the room that takes you to a white light. When you get closer and closer, you're taken back to the office, but you cannot go further after reaching:

  • The Boss's Office (there is no keypad)
  • The room replaced by the Warehouse in the HD remix (the elevator doesn't come)
  • The path to the Mariella Ending (you can go downstairs, but it leads you to nowhere)

After 1 minute of wandering, the Narrator says that all must stories come to an end, and after some narration, he says that he's happy to be the destination instead of the journey. Then the game restarts.

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  1. Fixed two potential causes for the softlock just after the leaderboard section in the “Playtest Ending”. - 1.05 dev notes