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The Heaven Ending is the ending that occurs after giving input to 5 computers throughout the course of the main storyline.

This ending is in the HD remake and Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining The Ending

Main article: Awaiting Input

You must approach the computers found at each location below and click once on them in this order, as well as restart the game between each input:

  1. On desk 419 (prior to two doors room)
  2. On desk 423 (prior to two doors room)
  3. On the Boss's secretary's desk outside the Boss's office
  4. On desk 434 (prior to two doors room)
  5. On Stanley's computer

The Ending

After the final input, Stanley is teleported from his office to a circular room filled with colorful buttons revolving around the center of the room, which is called Heaven. In the background, a choir repeatedly sings the words "push the buttons". You can only exit this ending by resetting the game on your own.

With The Bucket

While it is possible to enter Heaven while holding The Bucket, nothing will change with it in hand.


  • This is one of the few endings where the Narrator doesn't react.

    The hole on the roof of the heaven, as seen after typing Facepunch.

  • There is a hole on top of the roof, but it doesn't lead to anything.
  • There are 6 rows of 72 buttons, or exactly 432 buttons.

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