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Hotel Building
The hotel building.
The hotel building.
Location Information
Accessible via: Answering the phone in the Phone Room
Leads to: Stanley's Apartment
Place of ending(s): Apartment Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Hotel Building is a location that appears during the Apartment Ending. This locations also leads to Stanley's Apartment.


The Hotel Building is a building with numerous hotels. The Hotel Building can be accessed by answering the phone in the Phone Room. The building has a red floor, a few lights on the ceiling, an elevator, a grey wall, and a tall lamp that is turned on and placed on a brown and wooden desk with a drawer. The building also has 2 doors which lead to Employee 426's and Employee 425's apartments. The doors are also marked by each employee number of the person that owns the apartment.


This room is where the Apartment Ending occurs partially, although it leads to the majority of the ending.


  • If you attempt to disobey The Narrator he will raise a brick wall to prevent you from going anywhere else, and he says that you're in his story now.
  • If you have cheats enabled, you can remove the brick wall. However, you cannot get to the area past the brick wall, because there is an invisible wall.
  • All doors except for Stanley's Apartment lead to white space.
  • The elevator in the building may be the same model for the Elevator Room.

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