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How You Found It is a low quality video made by The Narrator that plays after Stanley collects the 5th Stanley Figurine. There are 5 different versions of the video, depending on which figurine is collected.


Each video begins with a title card reading "How You Found It by The Narrator" and then shows the location of the collected figurine with a backing of upbeat stock rock music with the text "It's Mini-Stan #5!" followed by a stock image of two businessmen in suits high fiving each other.

The location is listed and shown again before the video ends with a smiley face with sunglasses giving the view two thumbs up with the text "THANKS FOR WATCHING" above.

"Credits" are shown with every position being filled by The Narrator aside from the last credit "Starring Stanley" before finally a notice that the copyright to the video belongs to The Narrator.


  • For the steam version the videos, along with all other videos in the game can be found in Steam library location\steamapps\common\The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe\The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe_Data\StreamingAssets\video as easily playable mp4 files.
  • There are 10 different video files for this cutscene, 5 normal versions and 5 sped up versions.
  • The videos were obviously created using Windows Movie Maker.
  • Despite the very low quality and low resolution appearance of the videos they are actually all stored as 1080p high bitrate videos, making the file size much larger than would be necessary.




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