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Jump Circle, as it appears in the Stanley Parable 2 expo.

The Jump Circle is a feature introduced in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. It can be first found in the first New Content Ending, and later located and accessed in The Stanley Parable 2 Exposition Hall. It also appears in the Memory Zone 2 (Figley Ending), when recollecting New Content.

Appearance and Function

The Jump Circle appears to be a shape resembling a circle, made up of 12 pieces of white duct tape placed on the floor.

When inside of the Jump Circle, the player can press the key they have bound for Jump (Assigned as the [Space] button by default on PC, can be changed in Controls), which will force Stanley to perform a jump. Trying to jump out of the Jump Circle will cause you to lose velocity much quicker than you would when landing inside of it.

The player is limited in the amount of jumps they can perform, since the counter located next to the Jump Circle will start at 36 and go down with each jump up until 0. Upon the counter reaching 0, a characteristic "Action Failed" sound will be played, and the player will find themself no longer able to jump. This counter is global and shared between all Jump Circles in the game. No commentary from The Narrator is caused by running out of jumps.

When approaching the Jump Circle in the Stanley Parable 2 Expo with zero jumps, Narrator's introductory text in the Expo changes, remarking on how it can still be used as a decorative piece.


  • If the player restarts while in the Jump Circle, they are able to jump infinitely when it is restarted, even outside any of the Jump Circles. This seems to be a bug that was kept as a feature, as it is used for a secret in the Vent Ending, but is non-existent in the oldsaves build.


Tjs - press space.png [Expand: Test if you get the You Can't Jump achievement while jumping inside the Jump Circle.]