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Kevan Brighting is a British voice actor and the voice of the Narrator. Since Kevan made a very large contribution to the game as the main narrator, he is credited in both the game's credits and in the Museum.

For a time after the release of the full game, Brighting often provided his own voice to The Stanley Parable-inspired fan projects, including fan-made endings and short films such as the film "Jack." Although he continues to provide voice-acting for British-based businesses, he can no longer do any voice-acting for projects based on The Stanley Parable without a payment because of contract commitments, according to emails from Voiceovers Ltd.


  • The credits title him as "The Impeccable Kevan Brighting".
  • He also narrated the award winning short film 'Pitchforksville' for the Microsoft Imagine Cup held in South Korea in 2007.[1]
  • He also narrated the short film "Jack" which is inspired by The Stanley Parable itself.[2]


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