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This is a list of all the narrators that appear within The Stanley Parable.

The Narrator

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The Narrator is the most prominent narrator in the game, encountered in every single ending in the game. He is the one Stanley/The Player is going to hear most often.

Female Narrator

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The Female Narrator appears in the Museum Ending, as well as its bucket version. She seems to narrate the first Narrator and (given her superior knowledge) is smarter than him.

Instructional Narrator

Main Page: The Stanley Parable Instructional Video, What is Comedic Timing?

The Instructional Narrator appears in the Not Stanley Ending, as well as its bucket version. In both, they provide the steps and information needed to accomplish various tasks, either how to make properly make meaningful choices or how to effectively use comedic timing. The Narrator comments on the latter being "outdated" (as it discusses an alien invasion that apparently already happened) , meaning this narrator is likely older than him.

New Content Narrator

The New Content Narrator appears in the New Content Ending. They thank the player for purchasing The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and briefly summarize the history of how it came to be. They then invites the Player and the Narrator to experience the game's new content.

Educational Narrator

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The Educational Narrator does not appear within the game itself, but rather in a video on, which can be reached via a QR code in the Sequel Ending. They educate the viewer on sequels, how they are made, and how it is now happening to The Stanley Parable.

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