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This page lists all known locations in The Stanley Parable.

The Office

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The office is the main place of the game. It is full of printers, computers and papers. The outside of the office is unknown due to a large amount of glare from the sun. Stanley begins the game here. Sometimes, a large amount of papers will be seen scattered on the floor, or boxes will be seen on desks and in corners. The famous part of the office is the Two Doors Room, which can lead to many different endings on their own. The full list of possible paths can be found here. The office consists of the Employee Lounge, a Broom Closet, a Boss' Office, many office rooms and a Warehouse. The office might be just a playground for the Narrator.

The Mind Control Facility

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This is a secret underground command center located below the Boss' Office. Near the entrance is a huge sign that says "MIND CONTROL FACILITY". The facility contains three rooms: the Monitor Room, the Countdown Room and the Facility Power Room.

Escape Corridors

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This location can be accessed through door number 428. After entering the black room, you'll be able to "leave the building. Across the wall will be a large warning: "YOU ARE NOW LEAVING". There is an elevator that does not work, a staircase, two windows showing the main office, and a closed red door. Even though you are ascending the building, the offices shown are identical (in shape and in number.) The map has 10 floors, including three others (753, 752 and 751) under the fourth floor. Both 753 and 752 can be seen under the staircase, but can be accessed through codes in the console. Although there is a door on the 751th floor, it cannot be opened with the codes.

Unfinished Section

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An orange room with exposed developer textures. This room only exists because Stanley was not supposed to have ventured that deep into the game. Throughout the rest of the game ending (but before Stanley is teleported to the Minecraft world,) various developer textures can be seen in the office.

The Greenfield

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The Greenfield is a beautiful landscape in the Freedom Ending. This is where Stanley will be set free. To the left of the greenfield is a red shed and a moss-covered fence. It is unknown if this place actually exists or is a figment of Stanley's imagination.

Starry Observatory

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A metaphorical location in the Zending. Stanley comes to this room due to there being no other option in the half-infinite loop room (found by going through the red door in the Colored Door Room).

Stanley's Apartment

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Stanley lives in an apartment labeled 427. There's a small TV, a couch, coffee table and a small bedroom. There is also a mini-set kitchen which only consists of a sink, microwave and fridge. As the Phone Ending progresses, this room transforms into Stanley's office from the office complex; perhaps he never had an apartment or never worked at his office. It's uncertain which of them are true (or if neither are).

The Museum

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The Museum is a white building with columns and windows, showcasing elements from the game along with pictures and models from behind the scenes. This area acts as a sort of homage to the development of the game, including credits and text about the design process of the game. In the back lies a black area with "The Stanley Parable" and an on/off switch.


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There are three other games within The Stanley Parable: Minecraft, Portal, and the original mod based off of Half-Life 2. In Minecraft, the location consists of a simple house made with dirt (created by the Narrator) and a random deep cave. Contrary to the original game, all of these elements are pre-determined and constant throughout each gameplay. In Portal, the location consists of the first level in the original game. The hole the elevator ascends from leads to an unfinished beta section of the main game. The last portion of this ending is the original Half-Life 2 mod with a distorted and dark look to it, with only one lit ceiling bulb leading to Stanley's office.

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