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Icon.png This page details content that was made by the community (Mods, machinimas, fangames, etc…) The content on this page is not canon to the series and is not included within the core game.
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Map3  is a large free modification for The Stanley Parable.  Like The Raphael ParableExperiment 427, The Stanley Parable Ultimate Edition, and the Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod, it is created by a member of the community and is therefore non-canon. It's developer claims that it is "supposed to capture the essence of the original The Stanley Parable as much as possible and is supposed to expand on it in creative and enticing ways". 

Demo Concept

Not much is known about this mod in its current state, but it definitely seems that it is active and in development. The developer released this demo of the mod that can be downloaded currently on

A lone staircase stands out in the darkness... There is one ending in this demo with many of the game's original layout, dialogue, and endings preserved. The achievable ending can be triggerred by completing the Escape Pod Ending in game. However, the escape pod works in a similar way to that in the Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod and the player can enter the pod to blast off. When it lands, the player arrives in a dark room with the monotonous noise of a ticking clock reverberating throughout the room. In front of them is a lit staircase leading to a door which, when opened, resets the mod to the beginning.

Development and Release

20200919225525 1.jpg

The demo of the mod was released on the 23rd of September 2020, and the developer personally believes they have to push release of the project back for setting deadlines to early. The release date of this mod is unknown but will most likely be aways in the future due to the amount of content the creator plans on adding to this mod.



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