Mariella Ending
The static image of Stanley's corpse.
Ending Information
Location Down the staircases after the Meeting Room
Door Choice Left Door
Narration Mariella Ending/Narration

The Mariella Ending (also known as the Insane Ending) is the ending that occurs when you do everything The Narrator tells you to, but you go down the staircase following the meeting room instead of going up.

This ending is present in both the HD remix and original mod.

​Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's Office. At the 2 doors, pick the one on the left. Once you get to the staircase, go down to a series of rooms that loop infinitely.

The Ending

As soon as the door closes behind Stanley, the Narrator will discuss his thoughts, questions, and what he sees around him.

Stanley comes to the conclusion that he is dreaming, so he imagines himself flying in the air, then soaring through a star field.

Still in a state of confusion, Stanley believes that he's actually sleeping (or in a limbo state). In an attempt to calm himself down, Stanley closes his eyes and imagines himself back home.

When he realizes this did not work, he goes insane and screams for help as the screen takes on a red tint. The screen cuts to black, then opens on an image of Stanley's corpse in the middle of a road with a woman, named Mariella, staring at it. The Narrator comments on what she's thinking at the moment, but then realizes she has an important business meeting to attend to, and the ending concludes.


  • While Stanley is walking in the corridors, the Narrator says that he's asking himself questions. One of the questions is "Why is there a voice in my head, dictating everything that I'm doing and thinking ?", meaning that Stanley (as a character) actually hears the Narrator.


Video Guide

The Stanley Parable - Madness Mariella Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games PC -No Commentary Gameplay

The Stanley Parable - Madness Mariella Ending - Walkthrough - Indie Games PC -No Commentary Gameplay




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