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Memory Zone
"Je suis dans la Memory Zone"
"Je suis dans la Memory Zone"
Location Information
Accessible via: The Vent (after the New Content Ending), from the start (after collecting all the figurines)
Leads to: Steam Reviews Area
Place of ending(s): Skip Button Ending, Figurines Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

Inside of the Memory Zone

The Memory Zone is a location in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and it is a place where The Narrator stores all of his favorite Stanley Parable memories so he can relive them whenever he wants. It appears on the outside triangle-shaped house with a porch containing a few plants and benches, and the inside is filled with pictures, chairs, doors, and many other things.

Despite the Serious Ending being completely absent, a nod is given to it here, allowing the Serious Room to be seen through an inaccessible passage once the Narrator has finished reading the GameSpot review. Content that didn't return in Ultra Deluxe is also given a nod to, such as TV screens with the other versions of The Stanley Parable, pictures depicting the Minecraft World and Test Chamber 00 (both locations of which were replaced in the Games Ending), and portraits showing the Unachievable and Go Outside achievements that were exclusive to the HD Remix.

Other objects provide nods to other Stanley Parable content, like the IndieBox collaboration, miniature models of Stanley and Mariella and the soul-infused bike from the Raphael trailer (framed pictures of scenes from the latter visible). Two big points of interest, though, are framed reviews from and that rated the game really high.


You can get the Skip Button Ending after wandering through the Steam/Pressurized Gas Reviews part of the map. This is also where the entirety of the Figurines Ending takes place at.


  • In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, the newspaper from The New York Times is renamed to "The New Donk Times", a nod to Super Mario Odyssey.
    • In addition, one of the headlines on the modified newspaper reads "You Won't Believe How Many Bananas This Ape Has Been Hoarding For Years", another nod to Mario Odyssey, and the character Donkey Kong.



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