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Monitor Room
His own life, in someone else's control?
His own life, in someone else's control?
Location Information
Accessible via: Elevator in Boss' Office
Leads to: Freedom Ending, Countdown Ending
Place of ending(s): None
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Monitor Room is the room where all of Stanley's fellow employees are monitored and watched from. Travelling through this room is a 3-step process: turn on the lights to the room, turn on the monitor screens, then activate the elevator to enter the Countdown Room. In the Confusion Ending, the Narrator gets very annoyed whenever you come to the monitor room due to it being a spoiler (even if you were in this room itself before).


No endings occur here.

Secret Disco Easter Egg

After activating the elevator button and waiting for approximately thirty seconds, the gates to the catwalks leading back to the room's light system will open back up. Pressing the button will cause the monitors to shut off for a brief moment. Then, various colorful messages will start rotating around the room, focusing on "Secrets", as well as sentences that make fun of Davey Wreden and other types of sentences. The song Who Likes to Party by Kevin MacLeod will also play.


Description Audio
The ambience that plays when the monitors are deactivated.
The ambience that plays when the monitors are active.
The sound of the monitors activating.
The sound of the monitors transitioning between the numbers of employees' and footage of their respective offices.


  • When you first enter this room, it is possible to climb onto the chair, and jump from the railing to the darkness below. The player will not take damage from this fall.
    • If this happens, you will have to manually restart the game as this is a legitimate glitch instead of a scripted one.
    • However, doing this to get onto the rising catwalks before they are fully raised can help with achieving the Speedrun achievement.
    • In Ultra Deluxe, Employee 453's monitor shows the "Liminal Hotel" photo, which was originally taken by the game's art director. As proof, they hid a link to their tweet in the monitor's texture (Here).
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