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This article appeared in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

Mostly Infinite Hole

The Mostly Infinite Hole is one of the many exhibits in The Stanley Parable 2 Expo, and it is a hole that you can fall down until you reach the bottom.


First time in the hole

The narrator compliments himself by saying that the Mostly Infinite Hole is one of his more ingenious concoctions, and now that Stanley has visited the hole, he can just exit by pressing G (or whatever button is assigned to your console). But if you refuse, he tells you that you should do it sooner rather then later. Refusing once again, the narrator says that it's possible he slightly exaggerated the "infinite" nature of the hole. And he questions if it's a very deep hole and answers that it is in fact a extremely deep hole. And the narrator questions again if it really is infinite, and proceeds to say that it depends on Stanley or the Player's definition of infinity.

You can press G before you reach the bottom, and the Narrator will proudly suggest ideas of where to go next. If you jump into the hole again, the Narrator is surprised and begins suggesting to teleport back up to the top.

Regardless of which scenario plays out, you will hit the bottom (in the latter case, this is before the Narrator finishes his suggestion). And the narrator gets mad at you for ratting him out on a lie, and that the problem is that you have a fascination for falling down holes and that no regular person would want to fall infinitely. What's more, he figured that the hole was as deep as anyone would need, and that the player shouldn't blame him, and that the player may actually be the problem. The narrator apologizes for what he said and decides that the hole should just be called mostly-infinite. And if the player agrees they can just teleport back to the top.

Second time in the hole

The narrator gets mad again as the player had already seen the hole and had no reason to go back down it, even going back to his assumption that the player likes holes too much. And in between talking, you reach the bottom of the hole once again. The narrator notices how the hole got shorter than last time, and he knows the hole isn't infinite, but didn't know how not infinite it was. And he tells the player to just teleport back to the top.

Third time in the hole

Yet again, the narrator gets mad at you, and then shortly after you are at the bottom of the hole again. The narrator realizes how not infinite the hole is starting to become, and that it no longer is feasible to call the hole infinite even in marketing. He gives the idea of teleporting back to the top and seeing if the hole gets shorter. After doing so, it's barely even a hole now, and the Narrator comments that the shame of his lie has come to haunt him.

Fourth time in the hole

After entering the hole one last time, The Narrator is astonished that you're still entering the hole after it's become too short to even fall down. He tells you to teleport out of the hole once you're ready, but even if you wanted to, the button appears to be broken, to the narrator's surprise. The narrator decides to leave for you to have as much time with the hole as you want. After some time, the hole begins to go down.

Stanley daydreaming

After a little bit, the first button appears allowing you to change your perspective to several third person perspectives. Then is followed by another button that changes the music. Then the next button to appear lets you change the filter and background. The fourth and last button changes Stanley's model into different variations of himself, and after a while, the Narrator will return and notice Stanley dozing off when, in his eyes, he should be awake for every second of being in the hole. The narrator then decides that he'll come back every now and then to check on Stanley, before leaving again. After this, the game will restart and you are back in the expo room. Attempting to go back to the hole afterwards won't work as the doors to the room are closed.

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