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The Museum
Can't you see how much they need each other?
Can't you see how much they need each other?
Location Information
Accessible via: Taking the door labeled "Escape" prior to the Mind Control Facility.
Leads to: Dead end (exit actually kills you)
Place of ending(s): Museum Ending
Points of Divergence 0
Gallery Endings Access

The Museum is a place where various parts of The Stanley Parable, both in-game and cut content, are chronicled. The evolution of the game is seen in various rooms of the Museum, cast in an all-white glow with white floors, walls and ceilings. The only colored pieces are the actual museum objects. However, if you come here with the Bucket in hand, the museum is instead dedicated to talking about different kinds of buckets.


The Museum is available from doing all the right choices and entering the Escape Hall right before the Mind Control Facility entrance.

Beta Versions

Several screenshots from the early game development are shown in the museum, these screenshots include:

  • The lift in the Mind Control Facility was planned to have two buttons, one leading to the Freedom Ending while the other one leading to the Countdown/Explosion Ending.
  • There was planned to be an ending that could only be achieved by restarting. This ending was cut as it would have been too confusing for players.
  • Stanley's office went through three alterations, from November 2011, to February 2012, and then March 2012 (the final design that's present in the HD Remix).
  • The Cargo Lift room was modified three times. The first version of the room was removed because the developers wanted to give you a suicidal option by jumping off the lift. The second version was also removed because the developer team decided to create a room where cargo lifts are supposed to be placed (the Warehouse).
  • The Zending was actually an ending, where you must pull three colored levers as instructed by

    The 3 levers that once featured in Zending

    the Narrator. However, the developers removed this ending shortly before the game's launch and merged it with the Starry Dome ending. The Zending went through 4 iterations.
  • The Employee Lounge was featured with only two sofas and a coffee table early in the development.
  • The Maintenance Room also underwent four iterations. However, the first one, which was the simplest design, is used in the final version.
  • An earlier version of the Freedom Ending featured the green field outside the Mind Control Facility as a mere pasture without any paths or buildings around it.
  • Sometime during the development, the team proposed a "Warzone Ending", where you would

    An example of The Stanley Parable beta version.

    wage war against the Narrator and his army of aliens. The team realized, however, that the ending would be considered as "making fun" of FPS (first-person shooter) game fans, which was not their intention.
  • The Apartment Ending originally required you to pick up the phone in less than 15 seconds. If you did not do so, you'd walk down the path to the Not Stanley Ending.
  • Revealed in Ultra Deluxe, the Countdown Ending would've made use of a desk that controlled an elevator, where going down led to the aforementioned ending and going up led to the Freedom Ending. Because players might have gotten confused and forget what direction leads to the right way, this ended up being scrapped, and the buttons to trigger the two endings were made a bit more obvious.



This room is where the Museum Ending occurs.