The Stanley Parable Wiki

This is the narration for the Museum Ending.

In the escape hall

Although this passageway had the word 'Escape' written on it, the truth was, that at the end of this hall, Stanley would meet his violent death.

The door behind him was not shut. Stanley still had every opportunity to turn around and get back on track.

At this point, Stanley was making a conscious, concerted effort to walk forward, and willingly confront his death.

Leaving escape hall

But of course, Stanley thought better of it, and realized he simply had too much to live for.

Returning to escape hall

Nope, still on board with death.

Before death

As the machine whirled into motion, and Stanley was inched closer and closer to his demise, he reflected that his life had been of no consequence whatsoever.

Stanley can't see the bigger picture. He doesn't know the real story. Trapped forever in his narrow vision of what this world is.

Perhaps his death was of no great loss, like plucking the eyeballs from a blind man.

And so he resigned, and willingly accepted this violent end to his brief and shallow life.

Farewell, Stanley.

Female Narrator

"Farewell Stanley", cried the Narrator, as Stanley was led helplessly into the enormous metal jaws.

In a single visceral instant, Stanley was obliterated as the machine crushed every bone in his body, killing him instantly.

And yet it would be just a few minutes before Stanley would restart the game, back in his office, as alive as ever.

What exactly did the Narrator think he was going to accomplish?

Entering the museum

When every path you can walk has been created for you long in advance, death becomes meaningless, making life the same.

Do you see now? Do you see that Stanley was already dead from the moment he hit start?

Leaving the museum

*laugh* Oh, look at these two.

How they wish to destroy one another. How they wish to control one another.

How they both wish to be free.

Can you see? Can you see how much they need one another?

No, perhaps not. Sometimes these things cannot be seen.

But listen to me, you can still save these two. You can stop the program before they both fail.

Push escape, and press quit. There's no other way to beat this game. (PC)

Turn off your PlayStation. There's no other way to beat this game. (PlayStation)

Turn off your Xbox. There's no other way to beat this game. (Xbox)

Turn off your Nintendo Switch. There's no other way to beat this game. (Switch)

As long as you move forward, you'll be walking someone else's path. Stop now, and it'll be your only true choice.

Whatever you do, choose it! Don't let time choose for you! Don't let time cho-


Narrator outtakes

Now then, this elevator for sure will get him right back on track to where he was supposed to be in the story!

Where were all of his co-workers? Oh, I don't know, how about, they're throwing a surprise party for him for all of his button-pushing. Does that sound plausible to you?

Oh for crying... Is this that other building?

Hmmm... let's see. Stanley walked through the green door.

Nothing there. Shoot. Well, try the other one then.

Still nothing, Hm... I don't kno... Well in that case, I'll tell you what...You win. Congratulations. You did it. I know you put in a lot of hard work and it really paid off... so, good job. Mm...What do we do now? I don't... Stanley! Where are you, right now? What? Where am I? I'm...I'm trying to figure out but I ca...can't. Stanley! Who am I?! Can you speak to me? Please talk! Have we done this before?! Have we been in this room before?! How many times have we done this?! How many times have I said these exact words?! Say something! Anything! Help me Stanley! I don't know who I..Wha I!...St!...Sta!...Stan!...Help!...No!

When Stanley came to the lift, he travelled upward to the power source, at the top of the facility, to end this injustice forever.

Now look closely, Stanley. See how it's impossible for the player to do anything in this room. Perfect example of poor level design. Textbook mistake. It's the kind of thing you pick up on intuitively if you had even the most fundamental understanding of good and bad game design. But of course, you being you, You'll probably spend the next hour trying to solve it. Here, I'm just going to make this easy on you.

Stanley pushed the number 6.

Then he pushed the number 4.

Then he pushed the number 8.

And finally, he pushed the number 6.

And finally, he pushed the number 9.

Stanley walked over the bridge.

Stanley pushed the big red button.

Stanley pushed the orange lever.

Stanley jumped in the river.

Stanley stood on the roof.

Stanley stood on the snow.