Wait a minute... no. That can't be... You're not Stanley.

–The Narrator

Not Stanley Ending
Narrative Contradiction
NO!, Why did you do that?
Ending Information
Location Unplug the Phone in the Phone Room.
Door Choice Right
Narration Not Stanley Ending/Narration

The Not Stanley Ending (also known as the Real Person Ending) is the ending that occurs when you unplug the phone after taking the cargo lift across the warehouse without jumping off of it.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's office. At the two doors, pick the one on the right. Proceed through the Employee Lounge and walk past the open door on the left. Enter the Shipping and Receiving Room and take the cargo lift across. Enter the Phone Room and unplug the phone from the wall. As The Narrator finds out that you're not Stanley, you will be shown an educational video on decision making, then be led back to the Two Doors Room. However, the phone room deteriorates and the cargo lift is fenced; so Stanley cannot jump from it and die. The Narrator will brief you on what Stanley would do in this scenario, and then presents you with the same left-right choice as the first time.

If you enter the right door, the hallway will appear to have been heavily distorted due to "narrative contradiction", as the Narrator puts it. Exiting the hallway and going through the left door will prove futile, as the Meeting Room has also succumbed to chaos. The Narrator becomes furious and shuts down the game. The player reappears in a partially-destroyed Two Doors Room. The Narrator comments on how you could have gone through the left door, making everything fine and grand.

If you enter the left door, the game will progress as it normally would have, but the option to descend the staircase is blocked by an extended railing, and the door to the Broom Closet is also locked. Upon entering the Boss's Office, you are presented with a voice receiver, instead of a numeric password, in order to access the Mind Control Facility. Because the player cannot speak and the game does not employ any usage of an internal or external microphone, the Narrator grows angry once more. He becomes furious at you for mocking him, and comments on how you could have gone through the right door and done "whatever the hell [you] wanted" after your choice.

The Ending


The ceiling view

When both endings have been performed once, the player will teleport over the ceiling of the Two Doors Room (within the scope of this ending) and look at Stanley for the first time. The player has detached themself from Stanley's body, leaving the latter motionless and unable to think for himself. The credits will roll as the Narrator becomes worried over Stanley's inability to do anything.


  • Originally the Not Stanley Ending would be obtained by not answering the phone in the Phone Room less than 15 seconds, as seen in the Museum.
  • The Boss's office uses the same green wallpaper that is used in the Green room in the demonstration.
  • During the Not Stanley Ending, it is possible to walk around on the cargo bay floor, because Stanley isn't meant to be able to get there. This can be achieved with cheats, or by backing out of the blocked lift after unplugging the phone.
  • During the Not Stanley Ending, the player cannot activate the Escape Pod Ending.
  • In the game files, the map for this ending is titled map incorrect.


The Stanley Parable - Not Stanley Ending - Walkthrough - No Commentary Gameplay

The Stanley Parable - Not Stanley Ending - Walkthrough - No Commentary Gameplay




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