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Ok, I'm over it now; tell me, are you sick of this gag yet?


The Out of Map Ending is an ending that occurs when Stanley leaves the map through the window on the left side of the first office complex.

This ending is in the HD remake and Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining The Ending

Exit Stanley's office. Approach the chair at Employee 434's desk and walk up it. Crouch on top of the desk and walk through the window.

The Ending

The Narrator will explain to Stanley that he hadn't broken the game, but instead, found a clever easter egg that was part of the game's design. He'll ask him to spend a moment to really take in the experience, before getting bored of it. He'll put up a splash screen asking "ARE YOU SICK OF THIS GAG YET?", with a YES or NO option.


If Stanley chooses YES, the Narrator will tell him that he could restart the game whenever he wanted to instead of being morose over a stupid gag. He'll assume Stanley is having a mental crisis and cannot restart the game, find it amusing, and then he'll begin to play a limerick on his guitar to try and make the experience as terrible as possible for him. When the limerick is finished, the guitar tune will loop once before cutting out.


If Stanley chooses NO, the Narrator continues the gag, but questions about what if Stanley wanted it to stop and what if he chose the other option, he then leaves Stanley with the options to come back to chose the other option, continue with the game, or sit there forever.

With The Bucket

If Stanley is holding The Bucket, it will begin whispering to him. The Bucket is thrilled to have escaped the office The Narrator. Now that they are free, it is able to reveal its "true self" and begins to delve into a long story of events too much for Stanley to handle. He shouts "you're a bucket!", which causes The Bucket to reveal he was not always a bucket but turned into one by Gambhorra'ta, but Stanley denies it and continues to scream. The Bucket then transforms into its "true form": a mighty beast of untold power (or at least the Narrator describe it, the Bucket remains the same). The screen cuts to black, and sounds of swords clashing are heard. A spotlight appears on The Bucket, now crumpled, with its handle askew, somehow bleeding from a stab wound from a knife impaled in it. The Narrator congratulates Stanley, saying they were luck he already had "all twelve emblems of sages" and "knew the incantations to summon their true power". The Narrator invites Stanley to reset the game and never mess with the bucket again. The game resets, but Stanley is not at all prevented or corrected for picking up the Bucket once more.


  • The music stops as soon as Stanley jumped through the window.
  • Strangely, the Narrator in this ending technically breaks the fourth wall, even though the player hasn't been mentioned yet by the narrator.



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