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Phone Room
That's her, Stanley.
That's her, Stanley.
Location Information
Accessible via: Warehouse
Leads to: Apartment Ending, Not Stanley Ending
Place of ending(s): 0
Points of Divergence 1
Gallery Endings Access

The Phone Room is accessible via taking the cargo lift in the Warehouse to the other side, without jumping off at any point or backing off of it. It is a simple brick room with a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, a table, an old handheld phone and an outlet with the phone plugged in. After walking into the room, the door locks behind you, and stays locked (unless you go for the Not Stanley Ending.)

You can also break the game by quickly exiting the room before the door closes, making it impossible to reach both endings.


The Not Stanley Ending begins in the Phone Room by unplugging the phone. Answering the phone leads to the Apartment Ending.


  • In the original game, not answering the phone within 15 seconds leads to the Not Stanley Ending, and answering it leads to the Apartment Ending.
    Museum Phone Ending Beta.jpg