Portal's equivalent of the Narrator (GLaDOS)

First thing I noticed about you: "Now there's a woman who could resolve any button-based disputes" I thought. A diamond in the rough, if you will -- a bloody natural. A born dispute resolution advisor in need of a button!

–Wheatley, Portal 2

Because The Stanley Parable game was also made through Valve's contribution, many game aspects taken from Portal and its sequel, Portal 2, were inserted into The Stanley Parable. Below is the list of Portal references and their similarities to the elements from The Stanley Parable game.

  • The role of both original Narrator and his female counterpart, is comparable to the role of GLaDOS and Wheatley, in which they all serve as the game's protagonists' guides, friends, and even enemies at certain parts in the respective games.
  • Portal's Test Chamber 00 is also present in The Stanley Parable (albeit the chamber is slightly modified), the Narrator speaks to the protagonists after they awaken from the stasis tube. Instead of generating a portal (like GLaDOS does for Chell), the Narrator opens the stasis chamber glass for Stanley.
    • In addition, in both games, players can trap themselves by getting the Weighted Storage Cube through the round door. In The Stanley Parable, the Narrator will utter some comments regarding this, while GLaDOS doesn't comment anything should a player discover this easter egg.
  • Both Stanley and Chell are silent protagonists. They both maintain a silent (or calm) personality, rarely shaken by any situations, and never answer questions directly. The two characters are shown to have a high level of tenacity, willing to walk on their own path even if that irritated the games' narrators.
  • Both the Narrator and GLaDOS share a similar sarcastic nature, with the Narrator often mocking Stanley whenever he does something that infuriates him, and GLaDOS saying a wide collection of morbid and sarcastic quotes. On the other hand, Wheatley and the Female Narrator share a similar "wise" nature, although Wheatley was merely a side-kick to Chell and his actual role in Portal 2 was that of a "moron".
  • The Narrator, Wheatley, and GLaDOS calls the game's protagonists "fat" during some circumstances. Both of them called Chell fat numerous times which was meant as a verbal abuse towards her, and the Narrator goes as far as calling Stanley "fat, ugly, and really, really stupid".
  • A leftover console cheat from Portal 2 named "ent_create portal_companion_cube" can be used by players to spawn a Weighted Companion Cube. The cube doesn't play any important roles in The Stanley Parable, however.
  • During the baby game, the Narrator uses the phrase "for science," originally made popular by GLaDOS using the same phrase in Portal 2 trailer (For science... You monster.)
    • Both GLaDOS and the Narrator has full control of their facility and they both want the protagonist to move in a corridor. GLaDOS does that for science while the Narrator's motivation is unknown, probably to make Stanley happy.