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A randomized beginning is when the player begins or restarts a game and the office is different in various ways. Below is a list of randomized beginnings in the game.

Randomized beginnings


  • Sometimes the office will have papers all over the floor.
  • Sometimes the office turns into the blue L-Shaped Office. It is required for the Whiteboard Ending.
  • Sometimes there will be a phone call. It can be a shipment of 1,327 cardboard boxes from the Future Happiness Foundation.
    • The next time the game restarts, the office will be filled with cardboard boxes, even inside employees' rooms.
    • Sometimes the phone call will be from Stanley's wife or a random stranger.
  • Sometimes the first hallway in the office will have a left turn instead of a right turn. (This can apparently be forcibly achieved by restarting the game right before you enter the boss office)
  • Sometimes, instead of the third hallway leading to the Two Doors Room, there will be an extended, dim hallway with exclusive employee doors. Then after the multiple turns, there will be a straight blue-ish hallway, similar to the blue L-Shaped Office. After the hallway, the player reaches the Two Doors Room.
  • Sometimes when Stanley exits his employee room, instead of the usual employee desks, there will be a short and narrow hallway leading to the Two Doors Room.
    • This makes the story as short as possible.
    • It can however happen, that loading fails — either intentionally or unintentionally — of the 2 door room. This traps the player, as seen here.
Single corridor.jpg
Blue walls.jpg
Cardboard boxes.jpg


Sound effects:

  • Sometimes, it starts to rain.
  • The player can also hear soft wind.


Main article: Dialogue

  • All of his co-workers were gone. What could it mean? Stanley decided to go to the meeting room; perhaps he had simply missed a memo.
  • All of his co-workers were gone. What.. *ahem* ..ah, excuse me.
  • How wonderful. Stanley was alone. Finally. This is great, he thought to himself. This is what I've wanted all along. I got what I wanted.
  • Stanley decided to go to the meeting room to check on his co-workers. He never functioned well by himself, and constantly needed support and guidance from others, so the thought of total solitude was terrifying to him.
  • All of his co-workers were... wait, no. This isn't the right office is it? Is this Stanley's office?
  • 'How long was I sitting there', Stanley wondered to himself. Minutes? Days? Centuries? Did something crucial happen while my senses were turned? He made a note to be more careful with time from now on.
  • A soft wind blew outside and perhaps rain started, and if it did it stopped shortly after. Stanley hoped that he would one day see weather.
  • Stanley this, Stanley that, Stanley this, Stanley that, Stanley this, Stanley that, Stanley this, Stanley that
  • Someone was following Stanley. He was sure of it. If he checked over his shoulder now, he would shortly catch them. It was only a matter of time.
  • Even now, Stanley's office was a distant memory. What did it look like? There was a computer perhaps.. and a painting. Was it a painting, or a photo? He could no longer recall.
  • The meeting room, yes, that's where everyone would be. Stanley just needed to get to the meeting room and from then on he would never be alone ever again.
  • Just a step through this door, Stanley thought to himself, that's all I need. If I can make it through this door, I can make it through them all.
  • Already this was uncomfortable, and Stanley decided that as soon as he found a new space he felt safe in, that he would never leave it again in his life.
  • Stanley had never seen the office this brightly lit. Was it a sign or something? He hoped it was. He hoped very much that it was
  • Wait, Stanley thought to himself. Am I sure that the orders stopped coming in? How is that possible? They never stopped. Surely I was mistaken. [Stanley returns to his office] No. No, the orders were still missing... for now.
  • I can't wait to tell this story to my co-workers, Stanley thought. How amusing they'll find it. Oh, won't we all just laugh and laugh at the time I thought everyone had gone missing.
  • Stanley knew the office layout like the back of his hand. It was only a matter of time before he found the others, wherever they were. Just a matter of time..




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