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Please enter the current time.

–The Settings Person

The Settings Person is a character seen only through text when starting The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and the Epilogue. They help the player (not Stanley) set the time, language, brightness, and other things before the game begins.


The Settings Person is a being that somehow has control over the game. However, it is not The Narrator, as it blames him during the Epilogue, where the Narrator seems to no longer be present after the events of the Skip Button Ending.

Much like the Female Narrator and Confusion Ending Schedule, they seem to have the same (if not more) power than the Narrator, able to manipulate the nature of the game. But unlike the Narrator, however, it seems to never use this power to hinder the player and is often kind to them.

Before the Title Screen

The Settings Person will present the player with different settings to configure before the game begins, as well as asking what time it is at present. Its responses can depend on whether the time is actually configured or what times you play the game at. However, on later resets, its "Yes or No" questions eventually dissolve into it quietly saying "Help..."


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Stanley finds a desk with a computer, revealing the Settings Person to instead be Employee 432, one of Stanley's coworkers heavily discussed in the HD remake, and they talk to the player about how the Stanley Parable franchise should not be protected and should have more than just a sequel, and they give the player the ability to change the Title Screen every time they reopen the game along with the ability to get the Test achievement please ignore achievement in The Stanley Parable 2 Expo. It will appear on all subsequent openings of the game from then on.


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  • According to director Davey Wreden, the Settings Person was not always intended to be Employee 432. Through most of development they were still two separate entities, and it wasn't until later they merged the two into one.[1]
  • It can be speculated that the Setting Person was the one that removed the door in the Skip Button Ending. It was likely they did this to cause the narrator to die/go insane, and then be able to talk with Stanley alone.




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