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This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

You constantly have to stop doing anything so the narrator can catch up with his long-winded explanations of what's happening. I wish there was a skip button.

–Cookie9's negative Steam review of The Stanley Parable (2013)

The Skip Button Ending is an ending that occurs when The Narrator takes Stanley to the Memory Zone and reads some of the original game's feedback.

This ending is exclusive to Ultra Deluxe.

Obtaining The Ending

Complete the New Content Ending. Exit Stanley’s office, then crawl into the vent when the narrator asks you to do so.

The Ending

Without the Bucket

Inside the vent, The Narrator talks about the disappointment of Ultra Deluxe's New Content, and leads Stanley to The Memory Zone, a secret place he made to remember 2013's The Stanley Parable and all of its good things. There, he reads some of the reviews for it, first from Destructoid and then Gamespot, both being overwhelmingly positive.

After indulging in great memories with The Narrator, and at what first seems like a dead-end of The Memory Zone, Stanley walks down into a forgotten part of The Memory Zone tucked away in a maintenance area: the Steam reviews ("Steam" is changed to "Pressurized Gas" for console versions of the game).

The Narrator starts reading negative Steam reviews and is flabbergasted at the opinions presented. One of the reviews, by Steam user Cookie9, requests for a skip button to skip The Narrator's rambling. The Narrator takes this feedback into account, and creates a room with a Skip Button in the middle.

He requests Stanley to try the Skip Button, then starts an endless ramble.

First Skip

The button skips Stanley "a few minutes" forward in time, and The Narrator starts rambling on again.

Second Skip

The Narrator starts talking about the power of the Button and rambles on about Cookie9 possibly changing their review to become more positive.

Third Skip

The Narrator notifies that Stanley skipped through around 30-45 minutes and is concerned that the time might increase. Inexplicably, the door that they entered through has disappeared, trapping them there.

Fourth Skip

The Narrator becomes very concerned as Stanley just skipped through twelve hours and insists that he stop pressing the button. He states he looked for an exit this whole time, then starts rambling about the negative Steam reviews that caused him to create the Skip Button in the first place. One may notice that one or two of the overhead lights have burnt out.

Fifth Skip

The Narrator, now starting to panic, declares that it's been at least "a week or two weeks". All but one of the fluorescent lights have gone out, and the potted plant has begun to wilt.

It is from this point on that the skips begin to take their toll on the Narrator. Alone with himself for increasing lengths of time, he will begin to lose his mind.

Sixth Skip

The final light has burnt out, plunging the room into a cold darkness. The potted plant has fully wilted, leaving nothing but a dead tree sitting a pot of soil. The Narrator solemnly describes what a full year trapped in darkness has done to his psyche, and how he longs for Stanley to join him in his suffering.

From this point onward, the amount of time the button skips through isn't made clear.

Seventh Skip

The room is identical to the previous skip. The Narrator goes silent.

Eighth Skip

The hanging clock at the back of the room has fallen down. The smoke alarm on the ceiling is beeping, either from a low battery or radioactive decay.[1]

Ninth Skip

Miraculously, The Narrator returns, ranting endlessly to himself about how inconsistent the negative reviews were and how their criticisms are very likely misplaced. Throughout all of this, he does not acknowledge that Stanley has returned.

Tenth Skip

The Narrator goes silent again. In the front-left corner, water begins to drip very slowly.

Eleventh Skip

The Narrator comes back. Much like the Ninth Skip, he does not react to Stanley's presence, and only mutters "The end is never the end is never" endlessly. The dripping grows slightly more frequent.

Concerningly, this is the last we hear from the Narrator during this ending, perhaps indicating he has died off, gone catatonic, or simply abandoned Stanley entirely, possibly escaping the room somehow as the water damage grows more severe.

Twelfth Skip

Once more, the room remains the same. The water dripping has increased worryingly.

Thirteenth Skip

A sizeable portion of the roof has caved in, most likely due to water damage, damaging the room and leaving a giant gaping hole in the ceiling. Wind howls.

Fourteenth Skip

What seems like daylight shines in through the hole in the ceiling, although no actual sky can be seen.

Fifteenth Skip

Plant life has started to grow inside the room. Birds are chirping and calming music plays, giving the room a peaceful atmosphere.

Sixteenth Skip

The room plunges back into darkness. The hole in the ceiling somehow no longer shines any light through. All of the foliage and overgrowth has disappeared, leaving nothing but a pile of ash and rubble. There is nothing but the sound of howling wind and otherworldly moaning noises off in the distance.

Seventeenth Skip

The room is identical to the previous skip. The wind and moaning is replaced with a shrill, eerie screeching from outside.

Final Skip

On the eighteenth and final skip, the entire room has tilted to the left. The skip button lies on the floor, broken. The back-right corner walls have collapsed, providing Stanley a large opening, an escape. Freedom.

Stanley climbs out into the daylight and finds himself stranded in a flat, endless desert wasteland. Without the Narrator to guide him, Stanley can only wander off into the unknown. After a few moments, the game resets.

With the Bucket

This ending is completely unavailable, even after the epilogue is completed. By carrying the bucket through the New Content ending, The Narrator will be satisfied, never needing to bring you to the memory zone. Trying to complete the New Content ending again without the bucket will skip you right to the Sequel Ending. There is thus no way to bring the bucket to this ending.


  • The positive reviews in the Steam reviews section are all blurred out.
  • In versions of Ultra Deluxe for game consoles, the Narrator will mention the type of console (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, etc.) shortly after entering the Memory Zone for the first time.
  • Also in console versions of the game, all mentions of “Steam” in any environment details or Narrator audio is replaced with the term “Pressurized Gas.”
  • Cookie9's review is based on a real Steam review:


  1. "[...] common smoke detectors work via emission of alpha particles from a radioactive material, and the introduction of smoke blocks this radiation, causing the alarm to go off. [...] The horrifying reality of what’s happening here is that it’s been so long that the radioactive material inside the alarm has presumably entirely decayed [...]" - Silver Saber 62 @



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