Talks False
Appears in Can't see himself but his appearance can be found in the Not Stanley Ending, as well as the intro.
Playable? Yes
Objective Choosing his decisions. (One fail step will prevent you from accessing the Freedom Ending except for the two doors room, where you can detour if you took the right door)

Stanley In the HD Remix.

Stanley, also known as Employee 427 and Employee PIRATE, is the main character in The Stanley Parable.

In-game, Stanley has no distinctive personality traits. As a silent protagonist, he cannot act without player intervention (an idea that is suggested). The player's choices in the game reflect Stanley's personality and character traits.


Stanley's personality is dynamic with respect to the player. If he wishes to follow The Narrator's instructions, then he may. If Stanley wishes to disregard the Narrator, he may do so as well.

The Narrator repeatedly says that Stanley loves to push buttons, which explains why Stanley enjoys his job so much. Supporting this is the Heaven Ending, where Stanley is teleported to a room full of colorful buttons for him to push. While most of the Narrator's comments about Stanley cannot be taken seriously, Stanley's love of pressing buttons is occasionally mentioned.

In the Phone Ending, the Narrator suggests that Stanley has a wife. Additionally, it is possible to randomly receive a call from her in the first office.

In the intro, the Narrator mentions that no one had showed up to even greet Stanley after an hour of no instructions. This suggests that Stanley gets along with his co-workers. The Narrator mentions that Stanley never functioned well by himself, and constantly needed support from others, and that he is afraid of solitude.


Facepunch Quick Stanley, close your eyes!
This page contains information that may spoil the game for people who haven't played it. Read at your own discretion.

Stanley is actually a normal man who works in a normal place in a normal office, living in a normal apartment and a normal life. Despite his boredom in his workplace, Stanley imagines a visual called The Stanley Parable. It's about a time where everybody in his office disappears, where he imagines a Mind Control Facility underneath the building, a line that goes everywhere, a baby game and more. The Narrator talks about this in the Story of The Death of A Man Named Stanley.

This paradox in Stanley's mind makes him happy and kills his boredom in his work, to the point where Stanley nearly forgets which life is the real one. Stanley always repeats his imagination, hoping that if he walks down another path, he'll find a new story. This may explain why the game is cyclic and paradoxical in nature. This idea may also tell you why he is outside at the end of the Mariella Ending and why when you interact with an object typing noises can be heard.

The Stanley Parable - Stanley Close-Up

The Stanley Parable - Stanley Close-Up


Stanley dies in the following endings:





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