Stanley's Room (Room 427)
It looks humble.
Location Information
Accessible via: Spawn point for Stanley; you start here.
Leads to: All other endings.
Place of ending(s): Coward Ending

Heaven Ending

Points of Divergence 1
Gallery Endings Access

Stanley's Office, otherwise known as Room 427, is the room first visited in the game, and serves as a spawn point after obtaining an ending. It is usually located at the end of a larger office room, filled with cubicles. Occasionally, it will be positioned at the end of an altered Office building. The office contains a large desk, several file folders, an office chair, a landscape painting, and a computer, which lacks a mouse, as do all computers in Half-Life 2, The Stanley Parable’s parent game.


The Coward Ending can be triggered in this room by closing the door. To close the door, the player must USE it. In the Confusion Ending, Stanley will restart several times in this room, although the room located outside will slightly change. When all other four monitors are activated, Stanley's monitor will show the fifth 'awaiting input' screen (if he clicked on the others inputs). Clicking on this will trigger the Heaven Ending. The office can also be found at the end of the Phone Ending. The kitchen in Room 427 (Stanley’s apartment, not his office) will gradually become Stanley's office.

Stanley's Office

Stanley's computer once all the computers saying "awaiting input" (except Stanley's computer) have been clicked on


Stanley's room in the original Half-Life 2 mod